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Q: Factor the trinomial x2 plus 9x plus 14?
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What is the factor trinomial 2x plus 7x plus 10?

10 + 9x

Factor the trinomial below Enter each factor as a polynomial x2 - 9x plus 18?

(x - 6)(x - 3)

Is 3x plus 3x plus 3x a trinomial?

No. It is 9x, which is a monomial.

What is the trinomial (3x plus 9)(3x plus 2)?


Factor the trinomial 2x squared plus 9x7?

If you mean: 2x^2 +9x +7 then it is (2x+7)(x+1) when factored

What is the factorization of the trinomial 2x squared plus 9x plus 9?

2x2+9x+9 = (2x+3)(x+3) when factored

Xsquared plus 9x plus 14 divided by x plus 5?

(x^2 + 9x +14) / (x+5) Factor (x^2 + 9x +14) [(x+7)(x+2)]/[(x+5)], x cannot equal -5

How do you factor 102 plus 9x plus 4?

102 +9x +4 = 9x + 106, which is in its simplest form.

81x2 - 72x plus 16 is a perfect square trinomial true or false?

If a trinomial is a perfect square, then the discriminant will equal 0. The discriminant is equal to B^2-4AC. The variables come from the standard form of a quadratic which is Ax^2+Bx+C In this problem, A=81, B=-72, and C=16 so the discriminant is: (-72)^2-4(81)(16)=5,184-5,184=0 so this is a perfect square trinomial. To factor, notice that 81=9^2 and 16=4^2, so 81x^2=(9x)^2. We can then factor the trinomial into (9x+4)(9x-4)

9x plus 2 equals 12x plus 14?

9x + 2 = 12x + 14 -3x = 12 x = -4

How can you check your work when factoring a trinomial?

When factoring it is fairly easy to check your answer. Say we want to factor x2+9x+14=0 (x+7)(x+2)=0 now if we want to check then we can just multiply these together and we should get the original polynomial... x2+2x+7x+14=0 x2+9x+14=0

How do you factor 9x2 plus 11x-14?

9x2+11x-14 = (9x-7)(x+2) when factored with the help of the quadratic equation formula.