Finished product example

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Finished product example
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What part of speech is the word finished?

Finished is the past tense and past participle of the verb finish. Example: Bob finished his homework early.Past participles can function as adjectives, as well. Example: This is the finished product.

Are there Raw material to finished product examples?

Raw materials are the materials used to make a finished product. One example would be that mud, water and straw can be combined to make a house. The mud, water and straw are the raw materials, the house is the finished product.

What is an example of product market?

A product market is where finished goods and services are sold to consumers. The product market can be found at supermarkets, grocery stores, and online marketplaces

What is the word for to make into a finished product?

To make into a finished product is manufacture, manufactured, manufacturing.He manufactured a new product.

Is a concept a finished product?


What do you get when a chemical reaction is finished?

The product

Is a chair a capital resource?

Chair is not considered a capital resource. Capital resources are the items that is used to produce a certain product. For example, machines are capital resources. Chair is more of a finished product, which is then sold.

An example of tourism product?

example of tourism product for me is

What are the finished product of wood craft?


What is the finished product of iron ore?


What is product how it is different from project?

A product is a finished entity that can be used by a customer for some purpose. A project is an activity that produces a unique product, service or result. Usually products are produced as a result of one or more projects that get executed. For example , your iPhone 4 is a product but Apple would have had multiple project executed to produce this final product.

When are product costs expensed on the income statement?

When the product is sold and has left the finished goods.