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Designers must know the volume and surface area of an object because they must know how much space the object has inside it to put mabey parts in the object and to see how much the object weighs to see if it can fit somewhere without breaking it

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Q: For what reasons might a designer need to know the volume and surface area of an object?
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Why might a designer need to know the volume and surface area of an object?

i dont know? dont use this for your ied do nows

Is the surface area of an object be smaller than the volume?

It can be.

What does volume and surface area have in common?

The volume of a body and the surface area arerelated but not in a direct way. For a given volume, the smallest surface area of an object is seen then the object is a sphere. As the shape flattens from a sphere, so the surface area becomes larger. When the object approaches an infinitely small thickness, the surface area approaches and infinite size.

How do you get area and volume of object?

The surface area of object is the sum of the area of all the faces of an object, while the volume is the area of the base of an object multiplied by its height.

Why might an object float in water?

Since density is proportional to it's mass and the ability to float is inversely proportional to it's volume, an object that's heavy will sink and an object that's light should float. An object that has some surface volume should float, while an object that has little surface volume should sink.

What is meant by surface area to volume ratio?

Surface area to volume ratio is defined as the amount of surface area per unit volume of either a single object or a collection of objects. The calculation of this measurement is important in figuring out the rate at which a chemical reaction will proceed.

What the relationships between the surface area of an object and the volume as the object increases in size?

They both increase. The rate of increase of the surface area is equivalent to the rate of increase of the volume raised to the power 2/3.

What is the amount of space on the surface of an object called?

The amount of space on the surface of an object is known as its surface area. In chemistry, it is a general rule that as the surface area of a substance increases, so too does the rate of chemical reaction.

What happens to the volume of an object as its surface area increases?

In general, the volume will also increase. If the shape remains the same, the volume will increase faster than the surface area. Specifically, the surface area is proportional to the square of an object's diameter (or any other linear measurement), while the volume is proportional to the cube of any linear measurement.

How do you work out the area of the prism?

The prism is a three dimensional object. 3-D objects do not just have area. They have something call surface area, which is the amount of around on the surface of the object. 3-D objects also have volume. Volume is the amount of space inside the object. You can not work out the surface area of volume of just a prism. There are many many prisms out there. Prisms have many shapes and sizes.

What can decease the surface area volume ratio of an object?

The object becoming more spherical. The object increasing in size, but maintaining a similar shape.

What are volume and surface area?

Area the measure of the two - dimensional space enclosed in a shape while volume is the measure of the three - dimensional space in enclosed in a shape. this is true said blue waffle man.Area has two dimensions. Volume has three. Also are is a measure of a surface and Volume is a space occupied by a gas or liquid.Volume is measured in cubic units and area is measured in square units.Area is surface measurement. Volume is measurement of the surface area x depth or height (think of capacity to describe volume).