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the Horizontal line of you bed to the vertical lines of your bedposts

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Q: Give some real examples of perpendicular lines that would be in your bedroom?
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What would happen if lines were not perpendicular?

If lines were not perpendicular,they would either be intersecting or parrallel.

How many perpendicular lines are there in a trapezium?

A trapezium has no right angles therefore there are no perpendicular lines. If it had perpendicular lines, it would be a square or rectangle.

How can perpendicular lines affect your daily life?

If the walls in your house were not perpendicular they would probably topple over and you would no longer have a daily life for perpendicular lines to affect.

Real life examples of perpendicular lines?

An example of a perpendicular line is a 4 way intersection at a stop sign. Another example would be a window that has 4 smaller squares in it.

How many perpendicular lines does a circle have?

A circles has no perpendicular lines. Perpendicular lines are two straight lines that join forming 90 degree angles. They are found in squares, rectangles, and right-angled triangles. A circle is made by one line that is not straight but is curved. If you drew a circle, rectangle, right-angled triangle, or cross in the circle, then the circle would contain perpendicular lines. But the circle itself would have no perpendicular lines.

What kinds of lines intersect and make 90 degree angles?

Perpendicular lines cross creating 90 degree angles. Examples would be intersections in city blocks or a cross.

How would you describe two lines that meet together at 90?

Orthogonal lines or perpendicular lines

DrAw a pair of perpendicular lines?

A plus sign (+) would be a pair of perpendicular line segments.

What is perpendicular an d parallel lines?

Perpendicular lines intersect at a 90 degree angle. Parallel lines do not intersect, nor would they ever intersect if continued infinitely.

Would perpendicular lines have negative or positive slopes?

I believe they have Negative Slopes as stated by my Geometry Book. "Perpendicular Lines Have Slopes Which Are Negative ___"

Are Intersecting lines are parallel?

No _______ Paralell lines would be as follows | | or _ _ These can not intercept. However, perpendicular lines will always intercept.

What symbol do you use to show that two lines are perpendicular?

You would use this: ┴

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