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for the equation:
5x + 10y = 20, the two intercepts are:
x = 0 , y = 2 or (0,2)
y = 0 , x = 4 or (4,0)

The graph is a straight line passing through the two intercepts (0,2) and (4,0)

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Q: Graph this equation 5x plus 10y equals 20?
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What is the y intercept of the graph of -5x plus 10y equals 20?

Solve the equation for y. This will give you an equation similar to y = ax + b, where a is the slope, and b is the y-intercept.

What is 10y plus 40?

10y plus 40 equals 50y.

What does x mean in the equation 10y equals 5x plus 95x?

Do not write an equation in words!!! What does x mean in 10y = 5x + 95x? It is a place holder for a number. Any number.

Y plus x equals 9 10y plus 20x equals 100?

y + x = 9 10y + 20x = 100 This is a basic linear system of equalities. We can start by rewriting the first equation as: -10y - 10x = -90 by multiplying the equation by -10, from here we can eliminate y and solve for x (-10y - 10x = -90) + (10y + 20x = 100) = (10x = 10) This yields x = 1, and by plugging x into the first equation y = 8

What is the answer to -10y-5x equals -20?

Write out equation - 10y - 5x= - 20 Negate equation 10y + 5x = 20 Isolate y variable 10y = - 5x + 20 Divide equation by 10 y= -1/2x + 2

10y equals 2y plus 4 plus 7y?

10y = 9y + 4, so y = 4

Is 10y equals -x a function?

Yes, because you can rewrite it as: y = -x/10 Which is a line. When you graph the above equation, the graph passes the vertical line test - meaning that the graph never intersects with any vertical line more than once.

Y-8x plus 9y equals?

Y-8x plus 9y equals 10y-8x.

Help me solve this equation by substitution. x-5y equals 10 2x-10y equals 20?

what is the solution of x-5y=10 and 2x-10y=20

Y2 plus 10y plus 25 equals 0?

yes that is correct

What is 11x plus 10y equals 147 and 0x plus 2y equals 14 using elimination method?

Multiply all terms in the second equation by 5: 11x+10y = 147 0x+10y = 70 Subtract the second equation from the first equation in order to eliminate y: 11x = 77 Divde both sides by 11 in order to find the value of x: x = 7 Substitute the value of x into the original equations to find the value of y: Therefore it follows that x = 7 and y = 7

Solve the equation10y equals 6y plus 5 plus 3y?

10y= 6y+5+3y 10y=6+9y y=6