how many 6ths are in one whole?

Updated: 5/2/2021
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6 6ths

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Q: How many 6ths are in one whole?
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How many sixths in three wholes?

6 x 3 =18. 6 6ths per one whole , multiply times three.

Two and one third minus one and two thirds?

If you convert both numbers into 6ths it is easier to work out. 1 and 1/2 is 9/6ths and 2/3rds is 4/6ths. so, 9/6ths - 4/6ths = 5/6ths.

How many 1-6ths make 1 whole?

Six of them because 6/6 = 1

How many 6ths in 2 thirds?


What is four sixths plus one half?

4/6ths plus 1/2 = 9/6ths or: 1 & 1/2

How many ml in .25 oz?

One ounce is 30 ml. 25/30ths is 5/6ths, so 25 ml = 5/6ths of an oz.

What is one divided by 6 7ths?

7/ 6ths

What is 3 4ths times 4 6ths?


How many 6 ths make two thirds?

4 6ths

What is 21 6ths?


Is 5 6ths bigger than 1 half?

Yes it is... one half = three sixths.

How many 1 6ths in 1 3rd?

1/3 divided by 1/6 = 2