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As a fraction over eight, 5 divided by eight is 5/8

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Q: How many eights in 5 whole ones as a fraction over 8?
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How many eighths are in 5 whole ones fraction?

There are 40 eights in 5.

How many eights in five whole ones?

5 / (1/8) = 5*(8/1) = 40

How many eighths in 5 whole ones answer in fraction?

The answer, in fraction form, could be expressed as 520/13.

How many whole ones in 12 thirds?

12/3 = 4 whole ones.

Are numbers integers?

Not all numbers. Only the whole numbers ... the ones you count with ... with no fraction or decimal part in them.

How many ways to count to 41?

By ones By twos By fours By eights By tens By twenties By fourty (if you want to count that one)

What is 6.68 as a fraction?

Well its 6 whole ones and the top should be 68 and the bottom one hundred then you must simplify that

What is the improper fraction of 1 and 2 over 3?

If you have 3 and you want to show this in an improper fraction in thirds, you have to get 1 whole one into thirds, which is 3/3 and then times it by three whole ones which is 9/3. The answer is 9 thirds!

Why is the ones place not called a oneths place?

The -th suffix is used to represent a fraction of a whole.Any digit in the ones place represents wholes, not a fraction of a whole; thus it is the ones and not the oneths place.Because it is to the left of the decimal point.Only the places to the right of the decimal place have the -th suffix which represents a fraction of a whole.The ones place is to the left of the decimal point, so it does not have the -th suffix.

How many hundreds are there in 6 whole ones?

There are 0.06 of them.

How many tenths are there in half whole ones?


How many eighths in 5 whole ones?


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