How much did l get if l got 84% from 25 questions plz show working?

Updated: 5/31/2023
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To calculate your score, we need to know the total possible score for the 25 questions. If each question carries an equal weight, we can assume that each question is worth 4% (100% divided by 25 questions).

To find your score, multiply the percentage you achieved (84%) by the total possible score (4% per question) and divide by 100:

Score = (84% * 4% * 25) / 100

Score = (0.84 * 0.04 * 25) / 100

Score = 0.84

Therefore, if you got 84% on 25 questions with each question being worth 4%, your score would be 0.84 or 84%.

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You got 21 questions right because 21 divided by 25 = 84%

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Q: How much did l get if l got 84% from 25 questions plz show working?
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