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Q: If Tom got 70 percent of the questions correct on a music test if he got 7 questions correct how many questions were on the test?
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You took a test with 130 questions you answered 92 percent correctly how many questions did you get correct?

Questions correct are 130 * 0.92 or 120.

How many questions was on a test if you scored 85 percent and got 34 correct?

40 questions

How many correct answers from a 30 questions to get 93 percent?

x/30 = 0.93 x = 28 questions

How many correct answers from a 30 questions to get 87 percent?

x/30 = .87 x = 26 questions

How many questions can you miss to get an 70 percent on a test of 125 questions?

0.70 x 125 = 88 questions right You can miss 125-88 = 37 questions to get 70 percent But you got to get all the rest correct!

How many question can you miss to get 85 percent on 60 question test?

Providing that all the other questions are correct then it is 9 questions

If there are 150 questions on a test and you got 92 percent right how many did you get correct?

138 correct answers. 138/150=92

How many wrong answers can you get out of 200 questions to get a 70 percent?

You can get 60 questions wrong, which leaves you with 140 answers correct, giving you 70%.

If you had 50 questions and you got 72 percent right how many questions were answered correctly?

Getting 72 per cent right means if you had 100 questions you would have got 72 correct. Since there were half as many questions (50), you would have got half as many (36) correct.

How many questions out of 40 must you answer correct to score a 60 percent?

60 percent = 60/100 60% of 40 = 60/100 x 40 = 24. Ans: 24 questions.

How many questions can you miss to get a 75 percent on a 88 question test?

22 of them for a 75% pass rate providing that the remaining 66 questions are all correct

If there are 85 questions in a test and you must get a 80 percent how many do you need to get right -?

If there are 85 questions, a passing grade of 80% would be 68 correct answers.