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Q: How to make 3 dimensional to 4 dimensional object?
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What has 4 faces on 3 dimensional object?

a tetrahedron (aka three dimensional triangle)

What is a 3 dimensional object with 4 faces and 6 edges?

A pyramid

What is the name of the classification of a 4 dimensional geometric shape?

A 4 dimensional object is called a Tesseract or "hybercube"Although if you want to get into string-theory and related advanced subject matters, the Tesseract is not a 4 dimensional object at all, but simply an advanced 3 dimensional object which only represents the 4th dimension; a visual aide if you will.

What is the volume of a rectangle that is 4 by 5 by 3?

A rectangle is a 2-dimensional object and cannot have a volume, which is a 3-dimensional concept. The volume of the rectangular prism or cuboid, whose dimensions are 4 by 5 by 3 is 4*5*3 = 60 cubic units.

What is a polyhedron with 4 faces?

A polyhedron is a 2 dimensional object. To have fasce it would have to be at least 3 dimensional. If you want to know what is a polyhedron with 4 sides, it's a quadrilateral THAT'S NOT QUITE RIGHT - actually it's completely false. Sorry, Ratty, a polyhedron is a 3 dimensional figure. Polygon refers to 2 dimensional figures. A pyramid with a triangular base is a polyhedron with 4 faces.

The amount of space occupied by a two-dimensional object with 4 letters?


How many angles in a retangle?

4 #2 answ: 2 dimensional = 4 3 dimensional = 6

What is the difference between cube and a cuboid?

A cube is a three dimensional object with all faces squares. A cuboid is a three dimensional object with 4, or all 6, faces rectangles (and not square).

Is a pyramid a quadrilateral?

No because a quadrilateral is a 4 sided 2 dimensional polygon whereas a pyramid is a 3 dimensional polyhedron

What 3 dimensional figure has 4 vertices?

A tetrahedron

Is a quadrilateral a three dimensional figure?

no it is a 4 dimensional figure not a 3 dimensional figure * * * * * No. A quadrilateral is a two dimensional figure. It has a length and a breadth and no more.

What is a shape that have 4 side?

If you're talking about 2 dimensional, then a quadrilateral. If 3 dimensional then a tetrahedron.

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