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they are all related to math

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Q: How Are Linear Dimensions Perimeter and Area Related?
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How would doubling the dimensions effect a parallelogram in perimeter and area?

When all of the linear dimensions are doubled . . .-- the perimeter is also doubled-- the area is multiplied by 22 = 4.

How does changing the dimensions of a figure affect perimeter area and volume?

When linear dimensions are multiplied by 'K', - perimeter is also multiplied by 'K' - area is multiplied by K2 - volume is multiplied by K3

When the sides of a polygon are tripled in length the perimeter increases by a factor of and the area increases by a factor of?

Perimeter is proportional to the linear dimensions, so it increases by 3x .Area is proportional to (linear dimensions)2, so it increases by 9x .

What happens to the perimeter of a rectangle when its length and width are quadrupled?

When the linear dimensions of a plane figure are quadrupled, its perimeter is quadrupled, and its area is multiplied by 42 = 16 .

Are area and perimeter dimensions?

area 63 and perimeter is 32

What are the dimensions of the rectangle with this perimeter and an area of 8000 squares meters?

what are the dimensions of the rectangle with this perimeter and an area of 8000 square meters

How do the area and perimeter of the area of a figure change when it's dimensions change?

The answer depends entirely on how the dimensions change. It is possible to change the dimensions without changing the perimeter. It is also possible to change the dimensions without changing the area. (And it is possible to change the area without changing the perimeter.)

What is the area and perimeter of a triangle if its dimensions are doubled?

Area is quadrupled (*4) and perimeter is doubled.

What is perimiter area of floor?

A perimeter is a linear measurement. An area is the product of two linear measurements, such as length and width. I cannot imagine what you mean by "perimeter area."

Does a square with dimensions of 4000 by 4000 have the same area and perimeter?

no the area is 16,000,000 the perimeter is 16,000

What is the linear dimensions for a 2 square acre?

A square with an area of two acres is 295.2 feet long on each side, with a perimeter of 1,181 feet.

How do you find areas in Cm2?

Measure the linear dimensions in cm and then calculate the area using the appropriate formula. or measure the linear dimensions in metres, calculate the area and mutiply by 10000 or measure the linear dimensions in millimetres, calculate the area and divide by 100.

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