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You need at least one more bucket

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Q: How Measuring 6 liters of water with a 5 and 9 liter buckets?
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How do you precisely measure 4 liters of water if you only have two 3 liter buckets with water?

by my hands

When you have 2 empty tanks of water of 300 and 500 litersHow can you fill a 500 liter of water tank with 400 liter of water without a measuring instrument?

First: Fill the 500 liter tank Second: Pour the water to the 300 liter tank, thus the 500 liter tank will now have 200 liters Third: Dispose of the water in the 300 liter tank Fourth: Pour the remaining content of the 500 liter tank(which is 200 liters) to the 300 liter tank Fifth: Fill the 500 liter tank(the 300 liter tank still has the 200 liters in it) Sixth: Pour the water from the 500 liter tank to the 300 liter tank(which already has 200 liters in it) Thus the remaining amount of water in the 500 liter tank is 400 liters

How many 4 liter buckets of water are needed to fill a 20 liter tub?


How do you measure 4 liters of water if you have a 7-liter and a 5-liter bucket?

This method works with any such problem, as long as the two buckets' liter-capacities (or gallon capacities, etc.) have no common factors, or else the common factors are also factors of the amount you're trying to measure. Fill the 7-liter bucket, and empty 5 liters of it into the 5-liter bucket; then dump out the 5 liters. Two liters will remain in the 7-liter bucket; transfer them to the 5-liter bucket. Fill the 7-liter bucket again, and empty enough of the bucket into the 5-liter bucket to fill it. That should only be 3 liters transfered, leaving 4 liters left in the 7-liter bucket. QED.

How many liter in a kilo?

These are different units. Liters is volume (3 dimensions) Kilo is short for kilogram which is mass. If you are measuring water (which conveniently has a density of 1.0) then 1 liter = 1 kilogram But if you have a liter of mercury then 1 liter = 13.6 kilograms

Using a 4 and 5 liter jug with no other measuring deviece how can you measure out exactli 3 liters of water from a well?

* Fill 4 liter jug. * Empty the 4 liter jug into the 5 liter jug. * Again fill 4 liter jug. * Fill up the 5 liter jug with the 4 liter jug. * There are now 3 liters in the 4 liter jug.

What is the measuring units of tank water?


Six cups is how many liters?

1.41 liter 1 liter = 4.22 cups 1 cup = 0.23 liter

Round 103.468 liter of water to the nearest liter?

It is 103 liters

How do you measure 10 liters of water from a 7 liter jar and a 11 liter jar that are both filled with water?

Fill a container three times using the 7-liter jar (which will give you 21 liters), then take out water with the 11-liter jar (which will give you 10 liters).

What is water measuring called?

you can measure it in liters or gallons

What units do you use for measuring the volume of water?