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Q: How a like polynomial and non-polynomial?
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Is x2 plus 1 a expression are polynomial?

Both - a polynomial expression, if you like.

Are there only 3 degree's in a polynomial equation?

No. A polynomial can have as many degrees as you like.

What is a polynomial that doesn't have any like terms?

zero polynomial which is 0 and only 0 = 0.

What is the highest exponent in a polynomial?

That varies from polynomial to polynomial. Whatever the highest exponent is is called the "degree", so a quadratic like x2 + 2x + 8 has degree 2.

What is the polynomial of 2 x?

this term 2x is not a polynomial. this term is a monomial. since only one term was listed it can not be a polynomial. A polynomial is like four or more terms. a trinomial is three terms and a binomial is two terms.

What does the word degree refer to in a polynomial?

The Degree (for a polynomial with one variable, like x) is the largest exponent of that variable.

How many terms can a polynomial have?

As many as you like. The highest power of the variable in question (usually x) defines the degree of the polynomial. If the degree is n, the polynomial can have n+1 terms. (If there are more then the polynomial can be reduced.) But there is NO LIMIT to the value of n.

Is this a polynomial or binomial or trinomial 4x2?

It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial).

How do you answer polynomial?

You can evaluate a polynomial, you can factorise a polynomial, you can solve a polynomial equation. But a polynomial is not a specific question so it cannot be answered.

Is matrix polynomial and polynomial matrix same?

No. A matrix polynomial is an algebraic expression in which the variable is a matrix. A polynomial matrix is a matrix in which each element is a polynomial.

How many terms does the polynomial have?

As many as you like. A polynomial in 1 variable, and of degree n, can have n+1 terms where n is any positive integer.

What is the difference between polynomial and non polynomial time complexity?

Polynomial vs non polynomial time complexity