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Unit fractions all have the same numerators but the denominators can be different.

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Q: How are all unit fractions alike and different?
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How are unit fractions alike?

All of them have a numerator of 1.

How are common and decimal fractions alike and different?

They are not alike, they are different, but they can be identical in value. Example :- 3/4 and 0.75 are different ways of expressing the same quantity and they are not alike at all.

Is it true that ancient Egyptians thought that all fractions could be written as unit fractions?

No. They thought that all fractions could be expressed as combinations of unit fractions. They and other ancients may have thought that any fraction could be wretten as a combination of unit fractions, but according to wikipedia they (ancient Egyptians) had special symbols for 2/3 and 3/4 and even had a papyrus used by scribes that listed the equivalents for 2/n, so they did not always write fractions as this combination of unit fractions. Does your question mean a combination of unit fractions, or as a unit fraction?

How are decimals and fractions alike?

Decimals and fractions are alike because all decimals are fractions and all fractions are decimals. As an example: 1/2, which is one-half, is the same as 0.5. The same is true for 2/4. 3/6, 4/8, and so on. Essentially all decimal are the quotient of two numbers divided by one another, which is a fraction.

How is a unit fraction different from a fraction?

A unit fraction IS a fraction, but of a specific type where the numerator is 1. Thus 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc are all unit fractions.

How are decimals fractions and percents alike?

decimals fractions and percents are all alike because they show parts of 100, per 100(percent, cent representing for 100, century)

How are fractions decimals and percents are alike?

decimals fractions and percents are all alike because they show parts of 100, per 100(percent, cent representing for 100, century)

How do you solve all fractions problems?

You basically have to learn separately how to do different things with fractions, including finding a common denominator; converting fractions to a different denominator; simplifying fractions; adding and subtracting fractions; multiplying fractions; dividing fractions.

How do you know when there are five different fractions?

10 9 5 6 3 all those are 5 different fractions ---- === === === === 10 9 5 6 3 all those are 5 different fractions ---- === === === ===

How are all unit fraction different?

They have the same numerator (1) but different denominators. Since the numerator is 1 in each fraction, it cannot be simplified therefore each unit fraction is in its simplest form. Then, because the denominators of any two of them are different the fractions must be different.

How do you do unit fractions?

How would we do it well remember a unit fraction always has one as a numerator. So 2/3 would be 1/3 plus 1/3. These are the unit fractions. It's got a 1 is a numerator all right 5/6 would be a 1 6.

How are the labels in each period alike how are they different?

They are alike because they are all different columns of digits and they are different because they have different columns.

Are neutrons in the atoms of different elements alike?

neutrons of all atoms are alike

How are ocean currents in the northern and southern hemispheres alike and how are they different?

they all alike

Are all human's cells alike?

No, not all human cells are alike. Cells are specialized to do a certain job. For example, a nerve cell is different red blood cell because they have different jobs to do. They look different, have differentnumbers of certain organelles's, and they are not all alike.

What do all the fractinos equal?

Different fractions are equal to different values.

How are acute angles obtuse angles and right angles alike?

They are alike in that they are all triangles when you close them. They are different because they are all different degree amounts.

Are judaism Islam Christianity are more alike or more different?

All three of them are alike by the MESSENGERs of god, different by all the three religions people.

Is a fraction a unit fraction?

2/3 is not a unit fraction ... all unit fractions must have 1 as a numerator 1/4 is a unit fraction

How are all plants alike and different?

It is alike because it takes in carbon dioxide and water. It is different because it can be different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Is Every unit fraction a proper fraction?

Yes, every unit fraction is proper fraction because a proper fraction is a fraction in which the numerator is smaller than denominator. So the set of all unit fractions are also proper fractions.

Are all-stars alike?

no they are all made of different gases

How reptiles in desert and the rainforest alike?

Pretty much, they are only alike in that their all reptiles. Reptiles in different climents are extreamly different.

What is the equivalent fractions of?

1/2 = 2/4 = 4/8 are three different looking fractions that all mean the same, and are equivalent fractions.

How is fractions mixed numbers and decimals alike?

They are all undoubtedly mathematical terms and are currently used in both science and maths.

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