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All terminating decimals can be written as fractions.

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Q: Can all terminating decimals be written as fractions?
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Can decimals be in a fraction?

Of course all the decimals have fractions except those with non-recurring and non-terminating decimals.

Is 0.16 repeating irrational?

No, no repeating decimal is irrational. All repeating decimals can be converted to fractions. They are, however, non-terminating.

Why cant irrational number be presented as a decimal?

All irrational numbers are non-terminating decimals that can't be expressed as fractions

What is a terminating decimal that is not an integer?

0.5 is a terminating decimal and, since it is equal to a half, it is not an integer. A terminating decimal that is not an integer is a rational fraction. However, not all rational fractions are terminating decimals (eg 1/3 = 0.333...).0.1251.2512.5etc.

Are all terminating and decimals rational numbers?

All terminating decimal numbers are rational.

Are all fractions with denominators of 100 can be written in decimals?


What fractions are repeating or terminating decimal?

All rational fractions.

What numbers do you have to change fractions to decimals?

All numbers can be changed from fractions to decimals.

How fractions are related to repeating decimals and terminating decimals?

Fractions are related to repeating decimals in the sense that a fraction can be represented as a repeating decimal if the denominator has prime factors other than 2 or 5. For example, 1/3 can be represented as 0.3333..., with the 3s repeating infinitely. Terminating decimals, on the other hand, are fractions that have denominators which are powers of 10. For example, 1/4 can be represented as 0.25, which terminates after two decimal places.

What are decimals that come to an end?

Commonly called terminating decimals. However, no decimals actually come to an end as you can add zeros until infinity without changing the value of the decimal. therefore they are known as recurring decimals in a similar way to 1/3 e.g. 0.13 = 0.1300000000000000000000000000... 13/100 and 2/3 = 0.66666666666666666666... These can all be written as fractions.

What jobs use terminating decimals?

All jobs will use terminating decimals but most jobs will also require you to be able to work with recurring decimals and many will need decimal numbers which are neither terminating nor recurring.

Can a fraction be written as a non-terminating decimal?

No, not all fractions can be written as a non-terminating decimal. For instance, 1/3 has infinitely many 3's in the decimal places.