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Q: How are repeating decimals used in real world situation?
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Real life situation for changing repeating decimals into fractions?

there are None!

Are repeating decimals real or fake?

They do exist.

What includes the integers and all terminating and repeating decimals in the real system?

The set of rational numbers (ℚ).

Decimals in the real world?


When can we compare decimals in the real world?

Any time we compare decimals, except in out dreams/nightmares! We cannot leave the real world purely for the purpose of comparing decimals and return to the real word when we have done that!

A repeating decimal is a real number?

Yes repeating decimals are real numbers. They can fall under the category of rational numbers under real numbers since their repeating decimal patterns allows them to be converted into a fraction. Nonreal numbers are imaginary numbers which are expressed with i, or sqrt(-1).

Where are decimals used in the real world?


What decimals are irrational?

Irrational numbers are real numbers which cannot be expressed as fractions. In other words, decimals that never repeat. Examples: sqrt(2) -pi 4*sqrt(3)

Can all real numbers be represented as a decimal?

Yes, except that all irrational numbers will be non-terminating, non-repeating decimals.

Where could you find decimals in the real world?

Everywhere! Haha! L<3's i

Can a decimal be a real number?

All decimals are real numbers and all real numbers can be expressed as decimals.

What does it mean when you have the same dream again?

Recurring dreams often point toward a problem that has not been resolved in real life. When the real situation is managed, the dream will stop repeating.