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Q: How are square roots derived in long division?
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How do you find square root of 2 by long division method?

by long division

Where did square roots come from?

They came from geometry. If you have a square whose sides are 1 unit long then its diagonal is sqrt(2) units long.

How did you get 5 over 16 in decimal form?

By long division.By long division.By long division.By long division.

How do you solve square root of 676?

The answer is 26. The method for solving depends on the resources available and your mathematical ability. With a computer or calculator, the solution is trivial. You could try trial and improvement or, a more sophisticated way is the Newton Raphson method which will work for all kinds of roots. Finally, there is a method that resembles long division that can be applied to square roots but I regret that I am not up to describing it through this browser.

What is a definition for square root?

-- The square root of any number ' Q ' is some number which ... when youmultiply it by itself ... the answer to the multiplication is ' Q '.-- If ' Q ' is less than zero, then it doesn't have a square root.-- If ' Q ' is more than ' 1 ', then the square root of ' Q ' is between ' 1 ' and ' Q ' .-- If ' Q ' is less than ' 1 ', then the square root of ' Q ' is between ' Q ' and ' 1 ' .-- Whatever the square root of ' Q ' is, the negative of that number is alsothe square root of ' Q ' ... That's right! Every number has two square roots.-- There's a fairly easy way to figure out the square root of any number witha pencil and paper. It looks a lot like long division on paper, and it's just aboutas easy as long division, but it's too complicated to describe here. Your best betis to use a calculator. Almost all calculators except the absolute cheapest onescan do square roots.

Do cactuses have long or short roots?

they have long roots

The square root of 1296 by long division method?

It is 36 because 1296/36 = 36

What is square root of 37?

The square root of 37 is the number which yields 37 when multiplied by itself. Since 6x6 is 36, the square root of 37 will be slightly higher than 6. A calculator will be necessary if you don't know the longhand method for finding square roots. This method is no longer taught in schools — suffice it to say, it's like long division, but more complicated. The answer is 6.0827625303.

What is long divsion?

long division is division that is of course long.

How do you solve 7 divided by 52613?


How are square roots and rational and irrational numbers related?

A rational number is one that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers, p/q where q > 0. In decimal form, it has a terminating or recurring representation.An rational number is a number than cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers. In decimal form, it has a infinitely long, non-recurring representation.A square root can be either rational or irrational or neither.Examples:The square roots of 4 are -2 and +2, both rational.The square roots of 2.25 are -1.5 and +1.5, both rational.The square roots of 2 are -1.41421... and +1.41421, both irrational.The square roots of -2 are -1.41421...*i and +1.41421*i, both imaginary.

Is that long division box called a division line?

Yep, to do long division the box is called a division bracket.

When do you use long division?

When do you use long division?You use long division when the number you are dividing is too big to do in your head or use short division.

Why do roots grow so long?

why do tree roots grow so long

Why do some plants have long roots and others have short roots?

some plants have long roots because there is loads of other plants surrounding it so the long roots help it to create space.

What is 4312 long division?

4312 long division by ... I need a divisor.

Does a pine tree have long roots?

no. but oak tree's and willow tree's do have long roots.

Where can I get a long division worksheet?

You can practice your long division on the long division worksheets when you visit the ldivision site. They have many to choose from and you are allowed to print them out.

Who invented the square root?

it was Leonhard Euler, the 18th century Swiss mathematician, who invented the square root sign. However, the concept of square roots was known to the Greeks long before that around the time when Archimedes lived.

Why do cacti have long roots?

cacti have long roots to soak up all the rain water

What is the result of long division called?

The result of Long division is called a quotient.

What are the 4 steps of long division?

DIVIDE MULTIPLY SUBTRACT BRING DOWN That helps you with every long division problem.

What is the long division for 8 divided 84?


Do mushrooms have roots?

Yes. Mushrooms have roots. They can often be almost as long and as full as the roots of a tree.

Why is calculating square roots not taught?

It used to be taught many years ago but he advent of calculators and computers have essentially eliminated that. It is a good discipline to learn in school, however, so would be nice to be brought back, but unlike say, long division, it is a bit more complicated.