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Q: How are the natural and whole numbers different?
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How are whole numbers different from natural numbers?

whole numbers are the numbers that start from 0 (0,1,2,3,4.......) and natural numbers are the numbers that start from 1 (1,2,3,4,5......)

How are natural and whole number different?

whole numbers include numbers from 0 to infinity whereas natural numbers are the numbers from 1 to infinity

How are natural an whole numbers different?

Negative integers are whole numbers but not natural numbers. Mathematicians are undecided about zero. It is a whole number: some believe zero is a natural number, others do not.

How are integers and natural numbers different?

Integers are all positive and negative whole numbers, and natural numbers are all positve whole numbers including zero. So, natural numbers is a subset of integers.

How are integers different from natural and whole numbers?

An integer is any whole number

Do set of natural numbers contain sets of whole numbers?

No. Natural numbers are a subset of whole numbers. Negative numbers are whole numbers but not natural.

Why are rules different for integers comppared to natural and whole numbers?

Since whole numbers are the same as integers, there are no different rules! The only way in which the rules for natural numbers is different is that the set does not contain the additional opposites of numbers (in other words, the set is not closed under subtraction).

Are all whole numbers natural?

All except zero.Yes, except for 0 itself

Is all whole numbers natural numbers?

No. Negative integers are whole numbers but not natural.

Is Every whole number is a natural numbers?

No. Negative whole numbers are not natural numbers.

What are different names for Numbers?

The different names for Numbers are defined as Natural numbers, whole numbers , real numbers, decimal numbers, integers, rational numbers and irrational numbers.

Is a natural a whole number?

Yes, all natural numbers are whole numbers.