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by the calculater

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Q: How bank use maths in their work?
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How do chefs use maths in daily life?

They have to use maths to work out how much of a certain ingredient they need for a recipe.

What do you use in maths to help you to work out sums?

A calculator

How do you work out a product maths?

Use a calculator. der!

What qualifications do you need to work in a bank?

The qualifications you need to work in a bank are good GCSE's for the subjects maths and ICTand then good Alevels results in college for accounting, business studies and finance and then after college you may need to take a course in university this depends on what job you plan to do in the bank as there are many types of jobs you can do in a bank. You have to get 12 a stars for maths and ict!

Where can you get PTA question bank?

maths answer

What is the syllabus of ou bsc final year maths?

maths practical question bank

What is importance of maths in our daily life?

we use maths in our everyday life. eg- work, school, shops tax+insurance etc!

Why mathematics is important to everyday life?

because u use maths everyday. you look at the clock and read the time, that is maths. u buy sumthing from the shop and u use money. that is maths. and you go to school or work, there is bound to be sum sort of maths in there.

What skill do you need to work in a bank?

First and foremost a great knowledge of maths people skills and honesty(not stealing cash)

Does a plumber use maths?

Yes, he needs to work out the lengths of pipes and flow of liquids

A story on use of maths in your daily life?

a story of maths on topic use of maths in our daily life

What countries use maths how?

All countries use maths for calculations.

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