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A 30 amp breaker wired with AWG #10 wire.

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Q: How big of a circuit breaker needed for two 1500 watt that are 240 volts?
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Where is the fuse or circuit breaker for the headlights on a 1994 Sierra 1500?

The circuit breaker for the headlights is intergrated with the headlight switch.

What gauge of wire for 1500 watts?

1500 watts at 120 volts will pull 12.5 amps. If you are wiring a 120 volt home circuit for this I would use AWG # 12 wire on a 20 amp breaker.

How many amps needed for a 3000 watt 240 volt base board heater?

A 400 watt heater can safely be used on a 15 amp circuit. The size breaker needed for a circuit is determined by the size of the wiring in that circuit. AWG #14 wire requires a 15 amp breaker. AWG # 12 wire requires a 20 amp breaker.

What does trouble code p0138 on 2001 dodge 1500 mean?

Downstream O2 sensor circuit volts high.Downstream O2 sensor circuit volts high.

Where is the power window circuit breaker on a 1996 GMC Sierra Pickup truck?

where is the power window circuit breaker located on a 1999 GMC Serria 1500

How do you reset the breaker for the dome lights on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500?

The circuit breaker is self resetting. you may have a short in the wiring.

Will 1500 watts work on 220 volts?

Using the formula I = W/E, the current of the circuit will be 6.8 amps. As long as the wire is at least a #14 and is protected by a 15 amp two pole breaker There will be no problem. Just make sure that the specifications on the 1500 watt device clearly show that the voltage range is 220 - 240 volts. It certainly can, but it would depend on the fuse rating and existing load on the circuit.

What size of circuit breakers needed to run two 1500 watt heaters in parallel that are 240 volts?

I = W/E. 1500/240 = 6 amps for each heater. In parallel the total connected load will be 12 amps. A #14 conductor is rated at 15 amps and de rated to 80% can carry 12 amps continuous. The breaker needed for this would be a two pole 15 amp breaker. If this is a new installation I would use a #12 conductor for the two heaters on a two pole 20 amp breaker. The conductors will run much cooler using a larger size.

How much wattage is available in a 15amp breaker?

Wattage (power) is not stored in a breaker; in its tripped position, electrical power form the power line is disconnected. When the breaker is activated, electricity (power) flows through the breaker to the circuit in the home. Using the formula below, you can find the wattage the breaker can handle, not how much it has. Watts = Volts x Amps = 120 volts x 15 amps = 1800 watts A toaster requires 1500 watts of power, so if you are running a coffee maker which probably requires 700 watts or more and turn on you toaster, that 15 amp breaker will trip.

Can a circuit breaker be reset and used again?

A circuit break will reset until it mechanically breaks down. What you should be looking at is why is the breaker tripping all the time. A breaker is a safety device that stop current from overloading the wire that it is protecting. When the breaker trips check and find out what other devices have stopped working. Total up the wattages. If the total is above 1500 watts then something is going to have to be disconnected on that circuit.

1500 watts equals how many volts?

Watts is a power level, not a voltage. The wattage in a circuit is defined as Volts x Amps, so you need to know the current before you can work out the voltage.

What size wire for 120v 1500 watt heater?

== == There is not enough information given to properly answer this question. We need to know the voltage for the heater. We can then apply ohm's law to find the amperage to find wire size. If the circuit is 120 volts then 1500 watts / 120 volts = 12.5 amps. The National Electric Code requires elecric heating circuits to be considered a continuous load so you must increase the required circuit by 25%. In other words 12.5 amps x 125% =15.625 amps. This would require a 20 amp / 120 volt circuit using #12 copper wire. If the heater requires 240 volts the formula for calculation is the same with a circuit requirement of 15 amps / 240 volts using #14 copper conductor.