How calculate the cable size when give current?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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The NEC has a table that shows what size cable to use with each amperage and where it can be used.

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Q: How calculate the cable size when give current?
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What is the cable size of 1600kVA transformer?

Cable size is determined by current. You did not provide the current, nor did you include the voltage so that we could calculate the current. Please restate the question, and include either the current or the voltage.

For 100kw which cable size is good and how to find out cable size?

100 kw is the power drawn by the load. to calculate the cable size you need to know the voltage. From that you can calculate the current. this decides the cable size. for example if the voltage is 400Volts then the current flowing in the circuit when the load is 100 KW will be 250 amps. (100,000/400). for 250 amps to flow with out causing excessive heating of the cable the cross sectional area of the copper cable should be 150 sq mm.for a round cross section the diameter will be roughly 15mm.

How do you calculate cable gland size?

4cx95mm aws which size of cable gland

How do you calculate the cable size for a run of 30 meters?

To calculate the cable size for a 30-meter run, you need to consider the current rating of the circuit, voltage drop limits, and the type of cable insulation. Use a cable sizing calculator or consult a professional electrician to determine the appropriate cable size to ensure safety and efficiency of the electrical installation.

What is the type and size of cable gland or 2 core cable?

To answer this question the size of the cable or the amperage of the load is needed to calculate the correct wire size and connectors to fit the cable.

How do you calculate the current capacity of a cable when the cable size is known?

The current-carrying capacity of a cable depends on a number of things in addition to its cross-sectional area; these include the type of conductor, number of cores, type of insulation, whether or not it is armoured, method of installation, etc. Accordingly, to determine its current-carrying capacity, you will need to refer to your national electrical code. For example, in the UK, BS 7671:2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations contains tables for all standard cable types, specifying current-carrying capacity, voltage drops, etc.

How do you calculate cable size for 50 hp?

just apply the formula :-p=v*i*cos(angle);now you have the power rating,load so in turn power factor so you can easily calculate the value of current.with the help of current you can chose the cable available in the market either the aluminum or copper

What is the cable size for 1 to 100 Amp current list?

25mm cable

How do you calculate the cable size for a 115kw 3 phase induction motor 16 meter run for cable 415v?

take the full load current 1.732*415*I*0.85*efficiency=115*1000 => I? Depending on the value of the full load current and designed and ambient temperatures of the selected category of the cables, and voltage drop per unit length, you can determine the cable size

What size of wire use for 3kw motor 380volts 3phase?

How to calculate a cable size of 3kw motor

Could you Calculate cable size for 100 kw load?

Yes I could. How?

What cable size needed for 3KW geyser?

You need to know the amperage requirement of the pump and then you can calculate the wire size.