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I am sorry to disappoint you but there is no natural way to lose 35 pounds in one week.

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Q: How can a teenager lose 35 pounds in a week?
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How can a you lose 35 pounds in a week?

You cannot lose 35 pounds of body fat in one week by any natural means.

How can you lose 35 pounds in one week?

You cannot lose 35 pounds of body fat in one week. It is not possible by any natural means.

How do you lose 35 pounds in 10 weeks?

Join weightwatchers, stick to it rigidly and go to the gym 5 days a week

How do you lose 35 pounds in two weeks?

* Try the Atkins diet. * You cannot, by any natural means, lose 35 pounds in two weeks.

How can a 11 year old girl lose 35 lbs in 10 days?

There is no way to lose that much weight in 10 days. Safe weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week.

How many pounds do you lose if you lose 200 calories?

Only about an ounce (2/35 of a pound).

How much should your Tamagotchi weigh?

Your tamagotchi should weigh about 1-10 pounds, as a baby10-20 pounds as, a child 20-30 pounds, as a teenager, and 30-35 as an adulation.

You weigh 240 pounds and you want to lose 90 pounds you are a 35 year old woman what should your caloric intake be?


What can you do with 35 pound weights to lose weight?

just use them slowly, go up and down with them.. You should lose about a pound a week or two.

How many calories would it take to burn thirty pounds?

You have to burn 3,500 calories more than what you consume to lose 1 pound. So to lose 35 pounds you will have to burn 122,500 extra calories.

You have one weekpossibly a week and 3 days to loose 30 to 35 pounds is that possible without stopping eating over all?

Short of drastic amputation there is NO WAY to lose that amount in that time, whether you're eating or not.

What is 35 pounds in grams?

35 pounds is 15880g

How many miles ran to lose 35 pounds in 5 weeks?

The number of miles a person must run to lose 35 pounds in 5 weeks depends a lot on the size of the person and the speed at which you run. Running at the fairly moderate pace of 5 MPH, a person who weighs 165 pounds will burn about 126 calories. You need to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound. This means that you'd need to run almost 28 miles in 5 weeks to lose one pound, and 35 times that, or about 972 miles, to lose 25 pounds. However, running will increase your overall metabolism so you won't actually need this many miles, and if you cut some calories out of your diet you will lose weight faster.

How can you lose 35 pounds in 1 month?

Yes, that is possible, depending upon your calorie intake and how often you exercise!

What is 35 kilograms in pounds?

35 kg = 77.16 pounds

What is 20 percent off 35 pounds?

20% off of 35 pounds = 100-20 = 80 percent of 35 pounds = 35*80/100 = 28 pounds

How many pounds do you lose in a soccer game?

depends how long you play. It takes approx. 3500 cals to lose a pound so about 35 miles for the average athlete

Can you lose 5 pounds a day?

Um. If you're obese, and you suddenly exercise a lot each day, you probably can. I mean, i remember there was this really morbidly obese person (Dan, I think?) on the Biggest Loser, and his first week at the ranch he lost 35 pounds, or something like that. And 35 lbs divided by 7 days is 5lbs. So, I guess it isn't impossible. For me however, it would be.

How much is 35 pounds in newtons?

35 pounds = about 155.7 newtons.

How many grammes in 35 pounds?

35 pounds = 15,875.733 grams

What is 15 percent of 35 pounds?

15% of 35 = 5.25 pounds

How many pounds go into 560 oz?

16 oz = 1 pound; 560/16 = 35 pounds

How can you lose 35 pounds?

Exercising everyday except on a rest day, cardio mixed in with strength training, healthy eating (it's okay to eat a little more sometimes), lots of water, and patience because 35 pounds will take a while.

.35 of a kg is equal to how many pounds?

.35 kilograms = 0.77 pounds.

35 pounds equals how many kilos?

35 pounds is 77.16 kilos.