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Q: How can a you represent 249.149 in two different ways. Then explain How each way shows the place value of the digits of the number.?
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Explain the two states of a binary digit?

1 and 0 are the only two binary digits. In different scenarios they can represent True and False, On and Off, Yes and No, Open and Closed or any such logical pairs.

Does the decimal system have ten symbols?

Yes, it has ten symbols to represent 10 different digits.

Any digit from zero to 9 can represent different values depending on its what?

These digits can be represented based on their Place Value Notation.

What is points behind decimal represent?

They may be ellipsis which represent repeating digits.

What is meant by hexadecimal color codes?

Hexadecimal colour codes are codes comprising six hexadecimal digits in whichthe first two digits represent the red colour typethe middle two digits represent the green colour typethe last two digits represent the blue colour typeSince two hexadecimal digits give 256 values, the 6 digit code can represent 16,777,216 colours.

Which set of digits represent the oban?


What is the largest number you can make from the digits 8,6,9,1 explain how you make the numbers?

What is the largest number you can make from the digits 8,6,9,1 explain how you make the number

How many digits does it take to represent the decimal number 81 in binary?

It takes 7 digits.

What are the 11 digits?

In normal arithmetic there are only 10 digits, not 11. Any set of 11 characters can represent 11 digits.

What digits represent 2 million dollars?


How many binary digits can one hexadecimal digit represent?

4 digits - representing 16 integers.

Where do you get the symbols and you use to represent digits?

you can it in books and on some clocks