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They may be ellipsis which represent repeating digits.

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Q: What is points behind decimal represent?
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What are the points after the decimal point called?

There should be no points after the decimal point.

What is 87.6564 to two decimal points and three decimal points?

87.656 87.66

How can you convert 110.101into decimalnumber system?

110.101 is already a decimal number. Unless that is intended to be two binary numbers with a decimal point between them for some reason. (decimal points are not used to represent fractional numbers in the binary system).

Are 9.00 and 9.0 the same?

yes, because it is just an added zero BEHIND the decimal, now if it were before the decimal like behind the nine then yes. 9.0 and 9.00 both represent the value 9 (nine). When using decimal positions In the world of scientific measurement, 9.0 can refer to a range of values between 9.00 and 9.04 while 9.00 can represent a ranges of values from 9.000 to 9.004.

Is it possible to have negative decimal points?

Decimal points aren't positive or negative. Decimals can be either.

What is 0.39.75 as a decimal?

A number with two decimal points cannot be a decimal number.

What do you call the fourth and fifth number behind the decimal?

The fourth place behind the decimal point is 10/1000s and the fifth place behind the decimal point is 100/1000s.

How can you find the sums of decimal amounts in dollars and cents?

Put the numbers in a column with the decimal points aligned. Add the numbers ignoring the decimal points. Insert the decimal point in the answer exactly below the column of decimal points in the numbers being added (summands).

What is 1.75.6?

A decimal number can't have two decimal points in it

What are step in adding decimals?

Write the numbers in a column so that all the decimal points are one below the other. Put a decimal point in the answers underneath the coumn of decimal points. Then add the numbers ignoring the decimal points.

Do you line up decimal points when multiplyig?

Unlike addition, there is no need to line up the decimal points. Just multiply ignoring the decimal points. When you are done, move the decimal point of the result to the left equal to the number of digits after the decimal point for both multiplicands.

What do you do with the decimal when adding?

When adding decimal numbers, the decimal points should be lined-up.

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