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Q: How can i work out the mode in maths with different numbers?
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How do you work out the mode of numbers?

The mode is the number that occurs the most.

How do you work out the range in maths?

The range of a group of numbers is equal to the difference between the smallest and the largest numbers in the group.

How do you work out the mode in maths when no number occurs more than once?

If there is no single number that occurs more than once, either every number in the set is the mode or there is no mode - check with your teacher to see which answer he/she wants you to use.

What makes to be good in maths?

Hard work. A liking for numbers, patterns etc will help but nothing will substitute for the effort that you put in.

How do you find the average in math?

Add the numbers together, and then divide by the original amount of numbers in the set.To work out the mean (the average) in maths, you have to add up all of the numbers you are averaging, then divide what you now have by the amount of numbers you started with.

What percent of left handed people are female?

It can be really different on how you work it out and how your maths is but I think it is 3-4 %

How can you work the 'mean' in maths?

Same as average. For example, if you have 5 numbers, add them all up, then divide the result by 5. If you have 10 numbers, you add and divide by 10, etc.

Where can I get free maths work for your 10 year old?

You can get free maths lessons online at www.extra maths

When do you use mean mode and median in math?

to work out various different types of averages

What work do you do at school?

maths, history, drama, a different language, writing, spelling, handwriting, sport and lots more

How do you work out the mean in maths?

add up all the numbers you have then divide by the amount of numbers you haveThe mean is the same as the average. You must add up all the data, then divide by the number of data entries you added. E.g. 3+5+2+6+4=20 then 20 divided by 5 = 4, so in this case 4 is the mean.

How to work out chance in maths?