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You multiply the numerators across and put that as the numerator of your answer, then multiply the denominators of the fractions across the put that as the denominator of your answer. It is very easy.

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Q: How can one multiply fractions without a calculator?
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How do you change your calculator from fractions to decimal?

If your calculator is a scientific one then just press the S<=>D button

Where Can you Put Fractions in a calculator?

You can add fractions if you have a scientific calculator. All you have to do is press the b/c button. If you don't have one, you could always turn the fraction into a decimal.

What is the alternative sign for multiply on a calculator?

There isn't one.

How do you divide by one third on a calculator?

Multiply by three.

How can i multiply fractions?

By putting the whole numbers with a one at the bottom so it will be a denominator and multiply

How do you find the quoteint of fractions?

Invert (flip) the second one, and then multiply them.

Do you need to find a common denominator when you multiply fractions why or why not?


When do you cross multiply in dividing fractions?

To divide fractions, turn the second one over - that is, swap its numerator and denominator - and multiply. Nothing else is necessary. You cross multiply when you have a proportion, that is when you have two ratios that are equal.

What is five equivalent fractions for seven eight's?

Multiply 7 and 8 by any number (the same number) to get equivalent fractions. If you multiply by one, however, you might be surprised by what you get.

One may add subtract multiply and divide fractions once one has found?

A fraction!

How do you solve 3 divided by 387?


One may add subtract multiply and divide fractions once one has found the?

One may add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions once one has found the common denominator. Horse Isle Real Time Quiz Answer: common denominator

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