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it's not. Four is half of eight. And half of eighteen is nine.

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Q: How can thirteen be half of eight?
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How can half of thirteen be eight?

It can't be unless a variable is included in the equation.

What is the decimal form of thirteen and a half?

thirteen and a half = 13.5

Take away half of thirteen and let eight remain?

13 in Roman numerals is xiii and the top half of xiii is viii = 8

How do you know if you are considered 13 or 13 and a half?

If you are half a year older than thirteen then you are mostly thirteen and a half. Thogh not legally.

What is nine times eight equals thirteen simplified?

Wrong is simplest. Nine times Eight DOES NOT equal thirteen.

Ten million thirteen thousand eight hundred?

Ten million thirteen thousand eight hundred in numeric form is 10,013,800.

What does 1 8Th in math mean?

It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half. It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half. It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half. It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half.

What makes 8 is one one half of thirteen?

The only thing that makes 8 into one one half of thirteen is poor arithmetic.

What number with eight letters?

Thirteen and Nineteen

How do you write out thirteen and a half thousandths?


What is the half of 627?

half of 627 is 313 1/2. Three hundred and thirteen and a half.

Multiply a roughriders dozen by half a dozen a divide by half a dozen?


What does eight and a half equal in inches?

Eight and a half what?

What is half plus an eight?

Eight and a half or 8.5

Eight keys in an octave?

There are thirteen notes in an octave.

What is eight hundred thirteen times three?


What is thirteen times eight?

13 * 8 = 104

How do you write 13.8 in words?

Thirteen and eight tenths.

How do you spell 13008 in English?

Thirteen thousand eight

What is negative eight plus twenty one?


How do you write thirteen hundred sixty eight?


How do you spell the number 13.50?

The number 13.50 is "thirteen and fifty hundredths" (thirteen and a half). In US currency, $13.50 is "thirteen dollars and fifty cents."

What is thirteen and a half in an improper fraction?


Is 1 half greater then 3 thirteen?


What is the amount in words for 28008013.90?

Twenty-eight million, eight thousand, thirteen and nine tenths.