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If we assume that:

  1. The blank spaces in between expressions are to be interpreted as plus signs.
  2. Any number following a variable is an exponent to which it's raised.
  3. This is not an equation but an expression.
  4. by "solve" you actually mean "simplify"

Then it can be done this way:

x2 + 5x + 60 + a2 - 5a0 + x2 + 20 - 8x + 18d - 81d2 + x2 + 7x8 + x2 - 640 + 2b - b - 210

= 7x8 + 4x2 - 3x + a2 + 18d - 81d2 + b - 775

If any of those initial assumptions are incorrect, I suggest you re-submit your question in a more readable manner.

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Q: How can this equation be solve x2 5x 60 a2-5a0 x2 20-8x 18d-81d2 x2 7x8 x2-640 2b-b-210?
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