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Q: How can you be sure all rates on a double number line are correct?
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What is a double number line?

A double number line is a standard concept in math and arithmetic. This concept is usually taught in algebra courses.

How can you show Number on number line?

you put a dash where the correct number is.

What is the number setting for double spacing?

In Word: Format > Line Spacing > Double. It could not be simpler!

Does it matter which way you subtract the values when you are finding the distance between two numbers on a number line?


Where can one go to compare Direct Line Breakdown rates?

You can compare Direct Line Breakdown rates online at the Direct Line website. Once on the website, you can compare rates and apply for a quote online.

What is a double number line diagram?

a duble nuber lin is dfa fasdfs

How are double number lines and ratio tables alike?

A double number line is very similar to a ratio table in that you use them to solve problems requiring proportions. The ratio table is more flexible in that you do not need to position the numbers in the "correct" position. If you google using models in realistic mathematics education you will find references to these and ideas how they might be used in the classroom

How do you get from 384 192 96 48?

The first is the double of the second, the second is the double of the third, and so on. That means, you get this line by dividing the previous number by 2. The next numbers are: 24, 12, 6.

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What is a double line or bar graph?

what is a double line orbar graph

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Yes, that is correct.

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