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you put a dash where the correct number is.

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Q: How can you show Number on number line?
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How do you show 0.55 on a decimal number line?

how do you show 2/5's on a number line

Can you show me a number line?

I can't physically show you a number line, but I can describe it! A number line is a straight line where numbers are placed at equal intervals. It starts at zero in the middle, with negative numbers to the left and positive numbers to the right, stretching infinitely in both directions.

How do you show 1 divided by 4 on a number line?

1/4 is equivalent to 0.25 on the number line

How do you show square root of 8.47 on the number line?

First, you calculate it to the desired number of decimals. Then you place it on the number line in the usual manner.

A graph that sHow is data along a number line is?

line plot

A number line with marks or dots that show frequency?

line plot

What uses a number line to show the distribution of a data set?

Using just the number line, the only option is to draw some symbols on the number line wherever a data point is observed. It is not easy to show multiple occurrences on a one-dimensional figure.

Show you a negative two fifth on a number line?

This is the number -0.40, so is a little less than halfway from 0 back to -1 ■

What does each line suggest?

to show how much the number is worth

How do you represent root 3 on the number line?

I assume you mean the square Root of 3. You can't show it exactly as root 3 is an irrational number. BUT, you can show it approximately. Root 3 = 1.732... So put a mark between 1 and 2 on the number line at about 1.7.

How can you show three tenths worked out?

You write the number 3 over the number 10, and a horizontal line in between.

What is the hot-line number of xxx-abs-cbn show?