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Q: How can you draw a triangle with just two straight lines?
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How do you draw a rope?

Just draw a line... not a straight line, but a curvy one... Some people would draw two parallel curvy lines, with equally-spaced diagonal lines between, to represent the 'twist' of the rope.

How do you make a polygon?

A polygon is a closed plane figure consisting of straight lines. So a square is a polygon, a pentagon is a polygon. Just draw any closed figure with straight lines and you have a polygon.

How do you draw a triangle that has more than 1 angle?

-- Just go ahead and draw a triangle. Any triangle.-- Did you do it ? Good.-- Your triangle has three angles in it.

How do you divide a triangle into 2 triangles and 2 trapezoids?

Let's assume the triangle has points A, B, and C. Method 1 (3 lines) Draw two lines across the triangle parallel to line segment AB. Now you have two trapezoids and one triangle. Draw another line from C to the any point on the closest of the two lines you just drew, splitting the triangle into two more triangles. Method 2 (2 lines) Draw one line across the triangle parallel to line segment AB. Now you have one trapezoid and one triangle. Draw a second line that passes through C and is perpendicular to AB, splitting the trapezoid into two trapezoids and the triangle into 2 triangles. Method 3 (3 lines) Draw one line from point C to any point on line segment AB. Then draw a line parallel to AC and one parallel to BC, but don't let them cross the line you just drew.

Can a isoceles triangle be a polygon?

A polygon is a plane figure bounded by a finite number of straight lines. To enclose an area then a minimum of three straight lines are required. All triangles, not just isosceles triangles, are polygons.

How do you draw an isosceles right triangle?

An isosceles right triangle is a 45° 45° 90° triangle. If you know how to construct a right angle (two lines that are perpendicular), then just take a compass, with the point on the intersection of the perpendicular lines, and mark the same distance on each of the perpendicular lines, then use a straight edge to connect those two points. Or, if you have a square, you can connect two of opposite corners with a diagonal and you will have 2 triangles, both of them isosceles right triangles.

Can you draw a triangle that has just one acute angle?

no, it is impossible

How do you draw a hexagon shape without using a compass?

you just draw lines

Does a triangle have a set of parallel lines?

No. it is the only polygon that can not have parallel lines all though any regular polygon with an odd number of lines will have no parallel lines If three points were in a straight line it could be argued that these formed a triangle with parallel sides, though really it would be just a line; or if we had a triangle with infinite height the sides would be parallel. In any other case, no.

How do you draw the lines to divide rectangle into quarter?

Just draw the diagonals and you have four quarters.

How is a ruler different that a straight edge?

Nothing, a straightedge is a ruler. Straightedge is just another name for a ruler. You can also draw straight lines with things such as the side of a folder or anything else with a flat edge.

How much lines of symmetry does an isosceles triangle has?

Just one

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