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Q: How can you find slope and y intercept of each equation?
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How can you find slope and y-intercept of each equation?

A normal slope-intercept form equation would read: y = mx + b The slope of an equation is also known as 'm'. The y-intercept would count as 'b'. So in a random equation such as: y= 5x + 6 '5' would be the slope and '6' would be the y-intercept.

How do you find a slope to a equation?

the slope formula is y=mx+b slope-intercept form of an equation of a line. where m=slope and b=the y-intercept

How do you find slope intercept form?

the formula for slope-intercept form is y=mx+b. in the equation mx is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

How would you find the equation of a line if you were given the slope and the y-intercept?

y = {slope}x + {y intercept}

Find the equation of the line in slope intercept form slope 2 y-intercept -8?

The slope intercept form is y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept y=2x-8.

How do you find the slope and y-intercept of y equals 5x plus 8?

Since your equation is already in slope-intercept form, it's easy. Slope-intercept form is as follows: y=mx+b m always ends up being your slope, and b is your y intercept. Slope = 5, and the y intercept = 8 in your equation.

How do you find Slope intercept equation of given two points?

Use the equation; y=mx+b where m is the slope Use your 2 points as y and b (intercept)

How to find slope and y intercept form?

The slope intercept form equation is stated as the following: y= mx + b. Where m is the slope or the coefficient in front of the x and b is the y intercept.

How do you find the slope intercept of a vertical line?

A vertical line on a graph has infinite slope and no y-intercept. Its equation is [ x = a number ]. The number is the line's x-intercept.

How do you find slope intercept form when given coordinates?

Use: (y2 -y1)/(x2 -x1) to find the slope. Use: y -y1 = m(x -x1) to find the slope intercept equation whereas m is the slope.

What is the slope and y intercept with both coordinates for the equation 7x plus 2y equals 10?

In order to find the slope and y-intercept we must first put the equation into slope intercept formula. This formula is y=mx+b where m=slope and b=y-intercept. Taking the equation 7x+2y=10 you can figure out the slope intercept formula of y=(-7/2)x+5. Given that information the slope is -7/2 and the y-intercept is 5.

Find the slope of the line y equals -4.5x-10?