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Mean = Total of the numbers / n

So total of the numbers = n*mean

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Q: How can you find the total of the n numbers in a distribution if you know their mean?
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How do you calculate population distribution?

To calculate population distribution, one must know the total of the population, as well as, the total area of the land in which the population is in. Then, the total population is divided by the total area. The population distribution is answered in square kilometers and square miles.

Do you really know all the prime numbers?

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How do you find the interquartile range when given the mean and standard deviation?

In general you cannot. You will need to know more about the distribution of the variable - you cannot assume that the distribution is uniform or Normal.

If you know the average and product of two numbers how do you find the answer?

What's the question ? Is it to find what the two numbers are ? Since you know their average, you know what the sum of the two numbers is. It's double their average. Now you know their sum, and you know their product. Take the product, and list all of its factors. Find two of the factors that add up to the sum of the two numbers. Those are probably the two numbers you're looking for.

The total number of months in a year are divisible by which numbers?

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How do you know that the numbers you find are common multiples?

If both of your numbers divide into them evenly with no remainder, they are common multiples.

How do you find numbers between numbers in math?

20 101 a three digit number and i don't know what is the answer

Find b 160 50 and120?

There is no way to find B 160 50 and 120 without knowing what these numbers correspond with. Once we know what the numbers correspond with then we can find the answer.

Why Normal distribution is better then other distributions in statistics?

The normal distribution has two parameters, the mean and the standard deviation Once we know these parameters, we know everything we need to know about a particular normal distribution. This is a very nice feature for a distribution to have. Also, the mean, median and mode are all the same in the normal distribution. Also, the normal distribution is important in the central limit theorem. These and many other facts make the normal distribution a nice distribution to have in statistics.

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How do you find a set of numbers if you have the range mean and median?

In general, you cannot. You need to know how many numbers there are and then, in only a select few cases can you find the set.

What is the posterior distribution when sampling from a poisson distribution with a chi square prior?

Um... how am i supposed to know

How do you find out the median for 6 numbers?

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How do you find the mode of a group of numbers when the numbers only appear once?

To find the mode of numbers put them in order and the mode is the most often. I remember this by MO standing for Most Often!! I don't know the actual answer but this is how you find the mode!!!! If the numbers appear the same amount of times, there is no mode.

How can you find the total number of numbers if you know their mean?

You cannot. Suppose the mean of a set of numbers is m. Now add the pair of numbers m-x and m+x to the set, where x is any number. The new, extended set will have the same mean as before but two more members.

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even numbers are 2.4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20. if you skip count by two you will know what an even number is,and ther is more numbers than what i said

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What we know about prime and common factors help us to find the of two or more numbers.?

The answer depends on what it is of two or more numbers that you wish to find.

How do you find the sum of squared deviations in a set of numbers?

It would be useful to know what the deviations were from.