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-Use a a measuring cylinder and put 50 litres of water inside. slowly put the stone in and record the new volume. take the new volume and take away 50 and you got the volume of the stone.

-Use the displacement method if the stone cannot fit into the measuring cylinder.

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Q: How can you find the volume of a small stone?
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What piece of lab equipment should be used to find the volume of a small stone?

A graduated cylinder

What instrument measures the volume of a small stone?

A measuring cyling ( you fill it up with water then you put the stone in and the change is the volume)

How do you find volume if mass is given but density isn't?

You can't. The same mass can have a lot of different volumes, depending on the substance. Examples: A kilogram of stone or lead has a small volume. A kilogram of water has a medium volume. A kilogram of the air inside your house has a large volume.

How will you find the volume of stone using measuring cylinder?

The volume of the stone is measured by displacement. Water is put into the measuring cylinder to a noted mark. The stone is placed in the cylinder and the water level will rise. The difference between the two levels is the volume in ml of the stone.

How might someone find the volume in a small chunk of gold?

how small? To find to volume of an irregular object measure how many mL of water it displaces.

Why was the shot put a large stone?

because a small stone would be hard to find :)

What instuments are used to find volume?

The measurement to find volume is cm3 pronounced (centimetre's cube) YOU USE SMALL CM3 SQUARES

How did you get the volume of the stone?

volume can be calculated from weight and density using the formula,volume=weight/density.It can be measured by using jars by measuring the volume of fluid displaced by the stone(put stone into a fully filled jar with water.Measure the volme of water overflown gives the volume of stone).

How you would find the mass of a small stone?

Use a fine balance.

How can you measure of volume of a stone by using an overflow can?

The water displaced by the stone is directly proportional to its volume

How do you find the volume of a cup?

I think they come in small, medium, and large.

How can you find the volume of a small sphere?

Volume of a sphere = 4/3*pi*radius3 measured in cubic units