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first you see where the tenths place is then you underline that one number.

then you see if it greater or less with the other number

true fact

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Q: How can you find which decimal is greater?
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Is 7.24 in decimal form greater than 7.3 in decimal form?

No, 7.3 is greater than (>) 7.24 in decimal form, greater by 0.06

Which decimal is greater decimal 9 or decimal 09?


What decimal is greater than 1.26?

Any decimal equaled to or greater than 1.27.

Which decimal written as a percent is greater than 1?

Any decimal that is greater than 0.01

Is the decimal 2.5 greater than the decimal 2.6?


Which is greater .4 or .2?

.4 as a decimal is greater than .2 as a decimal because 4/10 is greater than 2/10

Is the decimal .13 greater than the decimal .139?

No. 0.139 is greater than 0.13

Which decimal is greater 2.08 or 2.14?

2.14 is greater.

Which decimal is greater 1.7 or 1.47?

1.7 is greater.

Which decimal is greater 84 or 845?

0.845 is greater.

Which is greater the greater decimal 0.01 or 0.001?

The answer is 0.01

What is the greater decimal 5.023 or 5.032?

5.032 is greater

Which decimal is greater 64 or 890?

890.0 is greater than 64.0

Which decimal is Greater 0.29 Or 0.24?

0.29 is greater.

Which decimal is greater .3 or .65?

0.65 is greater.

Is The decimal 4.67 is a greater number?

No, it is not greater that 5.

What decimal is greater 1.6 or 1.60?

Neither is greater.

What decimal is greater 7.079 or 0.29?

7.079 is greater.

What decimal is greater 0.57 or 0.570?

Neither of them is greater.

What decimal is greater -6.01 or -6.1?

-6.01 is greater.

When the numerator is greater than the denominator what do you notice about the values for decimal and percent?

The decimal value will be greater than 1, and the percent will be greater than 100%.

Which decimal is greater 0.57 or 0.559 and how do you know?

The decimal that's greater is .57 because it has the least amount of numbers.

Which decimal is greater 205 or 21?

205 is greater than 21, but that is based on the fact that there are no visible decimal points.

Which is greater the greater decimal 23.659 or 22.659?

23.659 is greater than 22.659

Is a repeating decimal greater than a terminating decimal?

yes it is