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You can use 7 nickels and 2 pennies.

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2012-11-01 19:47:18
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Q: How can you make 37 cents by using a nickel or a penny or a dime?
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How many different ways can you get 75 cents with a quarter nickel a dime and a penny?

A quarter, a nickel, a dime, and a penny is only 41 cents ... not enough to make 75 cents in even one way.

How many cents does a dime cost?

There are ten cents in a dime. 1 = cent = 'penny' 5 = nickel 10 = dime 100 = dollar

Can you make 74 cents with 9 coins?

Yes, you can make seventy-four cents with nine coins: quarter, quarter, dime, nickel, nickel, penny, penny, penny, penny

How do you use 4 coins to make 66 cents?

You would have to use a half dollar coin (which is not common) along with 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 1 penny

Can you list the ways to make 66 cents?

two quarters, a dime, a nickel, and a penny.

Is penny and scent same?

a penny is worth a cent. so pretty much it is a cent. and a quarter is 25 cents and a dime is 10 cents and a nickel is 5 cents ...

How do you make 91 cents with six coins?

The answer is three quarter's, one nickel's dime and a penny!

How much is 2 quarters 2 dimes 1 nickel and 1 penny?

A quarter is 25 cents. A dime is 10 cents. A nickel is 5 cents and a penny is 1 cent. 2 quarters = 50 cents 2 dimes = 20 cents 1 nickel = 5 cents 1 penny = 1 cent 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel and 1 penny equals 76 cents.

How much is a coin?

it depends on which one like nickel:5 cents quarter:25 cents penny:1 cent dime:10 cents

What is a nickel worth of what percent of a dime?

A nickel equals 5 cents; the dime 10 cents. Two nickels equals one dime in value. So the nickel is 50% of the dime.

What are all the possible outcomes for flipping or tossing three coins a dime a nickel and a penny in an organized manner and how would a tree diagram show these results?

There are eight possible results when flipping three coins (eliminating the highly unlikely scenario of one or more coins landing on their edge): Dime - Heads / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Heads Dime - Heads / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Tails Dime - Heads / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Heads Dime - Heads / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Tails Dime - Tails / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Heads Dime - Tails / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Tails Dime - Tails / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Heads Dime - Tails / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Tails

Can you make 16 cents out of three coins?

A dime, a nickel, and a penny (10 cents plus 5 cents plus 1 cent = 16 cents)

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