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add the number how many times it says

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How you multiply 2 minus numbers?

You multiply them like two normal numbers and the negative sign cancels them both out.

How do i multiply integers with different signs?

Just multiply without the sign. Then add a minus sign to the result.

How do you multiply three integers if they have the same sign?

The product has the same sign as the numbers.

What sign do you get when you multiply two negative numbers?

A positive.

What is the sign of of the product when you multiply unlike numbers?

It is negative.

What is -3x5?

The answer is -15. Here are the sign rules to multiplication. If you multiply two numbers with the same sign, the result will be positive. If you multiply two numbers with opposite signs, the result will be negative.

What are the basic rules for multiplying and dividing sign numbers?

Temporarily ignore the signs and multiply or divide as usualIf signs of the two numbers to be multiplied or divided, add + sign to your answer. If signs are different, add - ( minus) to your answer.+ signs are optional-- a number without a sign is assumed to be positive.

How do you make numbers into a percent?

Multiply the number by 100 and add the % sign.

How do multiply a negative fraction time a positive fraction?

Multiply the numbers ignoring the signs and then add a negative sign.

Why can't you square root a negative number?

Whenever you multiply two numbers, if they have the same sign, then the answer is positive.When you multiply a number by itself, both numbers in the multiplication obviously have the same sign,so the answer is positive.So there's no number that gives a negative answer when you multiply it by itself.

How do you make numbers in to a percent?

Multiply the number by 100 and add a percentage sign.

How do you multiply a negative number by a negative number?

multiply the numbers together and the sign is positive , as a negative times a negative is a positive

When a sign is not written between two numbers how do you calculate that?

If there are parentheses around the numbers (two parentheses for each number) multiply them.

What do you think the sign of the product will be when you multiply an odd number of negative numbers?

I think the product will be negative.

How do you add negative integers without using the number line?

if they are both negative, add like they are positive numbers, but just add the negative sign.

What are the steps for adding numbers with the same sign?

-- Temporarily ignore the signs. -- Add the numbers without their signs. -- Give the sum the same sign as the original two numbers have.

What do you get when you subtract a negative and a positive?

You get the difference between the sizes of the two numbers without regard for their sign, and the difference has the same sign as the larger of the two original numbers.

How can the square root of 121 be -11?


HOW TO DIVide fractions?

first, change the division sign to a muliplication sign. then change the second number in the problem-change the numerator to the denominator and the denominator to the numerator. then multiply the top numbers and bottom numbers like regular multiplication.

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What will be the sign of the product if we multiply together 199 negative numbers and 10 positive numbers?

If ever you have an odd number of negative numbers, the product will always be a negative number. So the answer to this question is negative.

What is the c coding to perform the multiplication of two integers without using sign?

//If u are saying without using '*' sign #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> int main() { int a,b,c=0,i; printf("Enter the numbers."); scanf("%d %d",&a,&b); for(i=0;i<b;i++) c=c+a; printf("&d",c); return 0; }

What if you multiply a positive number with negative number?

The magnitude of the answer is the same whatever the signs of the two numbers. If the two numbers have different signs, then the answer is negative. If they have the same sign, the answer is positive.

How do you multiply a negative number by a positive number?

You multiply the numbers just like you would normally except that the product will have a negative sign. Example: -6 X 5 = -30. When you multiply a negative number and a positive number, the product will always be negative. Multiplying two positive numbers or two negative numbers will give you positive products.

How do you find square footage on a sign?

Measure the length and height of thesign using a foot measure. Then multiply the lenght by the height and this will give you the square footage of the sign.