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Throw away two sticks

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Q: How can you take six sticks and add five sticks and get nine sticks?
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How do you get negative nine to equal five and one fifth?

add 14.2

What do you add to five and two ninths to make nine?

3 and 7/9

When I take five and add six I get eleven but when I take six and add seven I get one What am I?

a clock

What is the sum of nine add nine add six add nine hundred?


What can you use to take moisture out of the natural gas from your natural gas well?


How can you add five matches to six matches to make nine?

Answer: Mathematically, it is impossible to add five matches to six matches to result in nine matches.Logically, however, you can add five matches to six matches to make nine if one match is on fire, then you set that match on another match, and eventually both of those matches that were on fire burn themselves into ashes, leaving you with only nine unlit matches left.Answer: You lay out the 11 matches so they spell the word NINE.

What can you add to nine to make it six?

You add negative 3. you can add -3 to nine to make it 6

What does a beaver use to work on a dam?

Beavers take the branches and drag the trunks to the water. then they add mud,stones,and sticks.

What happen of 99 sticks if we add 1 stick?


'When does six plus five equal nine'?

When you add negative 2 to it, or subtract 2 from it. (Among nearly infinitely other possibilities)

How do you tie 50 cows in 5 sticks by odd numbers?

It cannot be done. Five odd numbers add up to an odd number and so cannot equal 50.

Does 9 go into 320 evenly?

No simply add the digits of the numerator 3 + 2 + 0 = 5 the digits must add to 9 if 9 will divide evenly. Take 324 the digits add up to nine and nine divides into 324 exactly 36 times!

What do you add to nine to make six?

you would add -3 to itcuz its like subtracting it from nine

When can you add four to nine and get one as the correct answer?

Start a nine o'clock, add 4 hours, you get one o'clock.

What percentage of people have ADD?

five percent of teens are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD five percent of teens are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

How many ninths are in six and five ninth?

6 5/9 = 59/9Multiply the 6 by the nine in the denominator and add it to 5 in the numerator.

What do you add to nine to get three?


Why is it that when you multiply by nine the numerals in the answer add up to nine?

This is a neat pattern in math.

What is two add four add five?


What is sixty five add eighty five?


How can you solve the equation y minus two point nine equals five point three?

Add 2.9 to both sides. y = 8.2

You are searching for a number that when these operations are performed will have an answer of 7 Here are the operations add 5 multiply by 3 divide by 4 and subtract 2?

Here is how I arrived at the answer: start with the number seven add two, multiply by four, divide by three, subtract five. The answer is seven. Ceck it: seven plus five is 12, 12 times three is 36, 36 divided by four is nine Nine minus two is seven.

How can you change nine into a dog or tooth?

Add a can.

How does one solve 3x 5?

Either add five to itself five times, or you can add three to itself five times. Multiply fool.

A over four plus nine equals five?

That is written as A/(4+9) = 5. The first step would be to multiply both sides by the denominator, which is 13 (when you add four plus nine). You will then come up with A=65, which is the final answer.

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