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Throw away two sticks

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Q: How can you take six sticks and add five sticks and get nine sticks?
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How do you get negative nine to equal five and one fifth?

add 14.2

What do you add to five and two ninths to make nine?

3 and 7/9

How can you add five matches to six matches to make nine?

Answer: Mathematically, it is impossible to add five matches to six matches to result in nine matches.Logically, however, you can add five matches to six matches to make nine if one match is on fire, then you set that match on another match, and eventually both of those matches that were on fire burn themselves into ashes, leaving you with only nine unlit matches left.Answer: You lay out the 11 matches so they spell the word NINE.

When I take five and add six I get eleven but when I take six and add seven I get one What am I?

a clock

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Beavers take the branches and drag the trunks to the water. then they add mud,stones,and sticks.

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Just do what you would normally but don't add sticks

What can you add to nine to make it six?

You add negative 3. you can add -3 to nine to make it 6

'When does six plus five equal nine'?

When you add negative 2 to it, or subtract 2 from it. (Among nearly infinitely other possibilities)

How do you tie 50 cows in 5 sticks by odd numbers?

It cannot be done. Five odd numbers add up to an odd number and so cannot equal 50.

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6 5/9 = 59/9Multiply the 6 by the nine in the denominator and add it to 5 in the numerator.