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A polygon (or any other plane shape) is convex if you take any two points inside it (or on its boundary) then the line joining those points is wholly inside (or on the boundary of) the polygon.

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Q: How can you tell whether a polygon is a convex?
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Explain how to tell whether a polygon is a convex?

If, for any two points A and B in the polygon, all points with position A + kB are inside the polygon for 0 ≤ k ≤ 1, then the polygon is convex. In simple terms, if all points on the line AB lie inside the polygon, it is convex. If there is at least one point on AB that is outside the polygon then it is not a convex polygon.

Is the sum of interior angles of a convex polygon the same as a non convex polygon?

Yes, the angle sums will be the same regardless of whether or not it is a convex polygon.

Which term describes a polygon with no dents in it?

A convex polygon.I suspect that what you mean is a convex polygon.

How do you determine whether a polygon is convex or non-convex?

No interior angle of a convex polygon can exceed 180 degrees. A non-convex polygon has at least one reflex angle (> 180 degrees). Alternatively, a polygon is convex if, given any two points on or inside the polygon, the straight line joining the two points must lie wholly on or inside the polygon. In a non-convex polygon, it is possible to find a pair of points such that the straight line joining them lies outside the polygon for at least some of its length.

Is the following polygon convex or concave?

is this a polygon? is it concaver or convex

What is the difference between a concave polygon and a convex polygon?

Any polygon that has an angle that is > 180º is a concave polygon. A convex polygon does not. e.g. All regular polygons are convex.

Is a ploygon convex or not convex?

a polygon is convex

Differentiate convex and non convex polygon?

A convex polygon is one with no angle greater than 180 degrees. A non-convex polygon is one that is not without such an angle.

Is a semicircle a convex polygon?

It is convex if you look at it from the inside but it is not any kind of polygon.

A polygon that is not convex?

Is a concave polygon.

What is A polygon with no dents is?

A convex polygon.

What is the difference between convex polygon and non convex polygon?

A polygon is convex if you can take any two points inside the polygon and connect them with a line segment that is completely contained by the polygon. A non-convex polygon is one which contains at least two points such that the line joining them does not lie entirely inside the polygon.