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If the ratios are equivalent the corresponding points will all be on the same straight line through the origin.

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Q: How can you use a coordinate plane to tell if ratios are equivalent?
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What is equivalent ratios characteristics?

first of all your question doesnt make sense at all!!! but ill tell you this, Equivalent Ratios are ratios whose fraction or ratio are equivalent. now go away kid

The pairs of numbers that tell the location of a point in the coordinate plane?

It Is An Ordered Pair.

How can you tell when two ratios form a proportion?

The simplest way is to check if their cross-products are the same. That is, if you have A/B and X/Y then if AY = BX the two ratios are equivalent.

What does the tick in maths mean?

The little marks on the axes in a coordinate plane that tell you where the associated values occur.

What are 2 ways you can tell that 2 ratios form a proportion?

what are 2 ways you can tell that 2 ratios from a propotion

What are 3 equivalent ratios of three fifths?

I don't know can u tell me the answer my sis just asked me oops sorry if that's not the answer u wanted lol srry ;)

How do you tell if a pair of ratios are proportional?

you have to times and get the answer correct or not

How can you tell by looking at the coordinate of a point whether the point is on the x-axis or y-axis?

the x coordinate is always before the y coordinate just like in the alphabet

How can you tell if two ratios are equal?

The ratios a/b and c/d [ or a:b and c:d ] are equal if (and only if) a*d = b*c

How do you use a coordinate plane?

We assign coordinates to point on the plane and use those coordinates to tell us about the points. For example, the distance formula tells us how far apart they are, the midpoint formula tells us where there midpoint is. All of these and much more depend looking at a point as an ordered pair, (x,y) in the coordinate plane.The coordinate system is determined by the two directed lines and the given unit length. When the directed lines intersect at a right angle, the system is Cartesian, and (x,y) are Cartesian coordinates of the point. Normally, x-axis and y-axis are chosen so that an anticlockwise rotation of one right angle takes the positive x-direction to the positive y-direction. There are other methods of assigning coordinates to points in the plane. one such is the method of polar coordinates. The coordinate plane is the main idea in analytic geometry.

How can you tell if the x-coordinate of the vertex is 0?

The answer depends on the vertex of WHAT!

How do you tell if ratios are equivalent?

Ratios can be expressed as fractions. For example 1:7 can be written 1/7. Just as a fraction can be converted into an equivalent fraction by multiplying (or dividing) both the numerator and denominator by the same number then the same process can be applied to ratios. To compare two ratios then convert either the first or second number of the ratio so that both ratios have the same number. A direct comparison can then be made. EXAMPLE : 3:7 compared to 334 :777 If the figures in the first ratio are multiplied by 111 this makes the second number in both ratios the same. Then 3:7 is equivalent 333:777 which is not equal to 334:777 Equally, The second number in the second ratio could be divided by 111 in which case the comparison would then become 334:777 is equivalent to 3.009:7 which is not 3:7.