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To divide two fractions, multiply the first by the reciprocal of the second.

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Q: How can you use multiplication to divide one fraction by another?
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When you divide one fraction and another why do you have to turn it into a reciprocal?

To divide by a fraction, you multiply by its reciprocal. This is related to the facts that (1) division is the opposite of multiplication, and (2) a reciprocal is the multiplicative "opposite" of a number.

When does fraction happen?

When you divide one number by another which is not a factor.

How do you do division of fractions?

To divide one fraction by another fraction,flip the second one over and multiply them.

How so you divide fractions?

When dividing one fraction by another, invert the second fraction and multiply them.

How do you Divide fraction by another fraction?

One simple way is to flip the second fraction over (use its reciprocal) and multiply them.

Does the inequality sign change when both sides are multipled or divided when using fractions Why or why not?

Not if the fraction is positive. But yes if the fraction is negative. Study the rules of multiplication and division by integers, and you wil see why. Multiplication by a fraction is simplty multiplication by one integer followed by division by another (or the other way round).

What is mixed fraction multiplication?

It is the binary operation of multiplication which has two inputs, at least one of which comprises a mixed fraction: that is, a fraction which consists of an integer part and a part which is a proper fraction.

What happens when you divide a fraction by one?

when ever you divide fractions you must always flip the fraction you are dividing and change the division sign to multiplication, ex. 1/2 divded by 1 = 2/1 multiplied by 1/1 which equals 2

What is another way to divide 3 by one-sixth?

3 divided by 1/6 is the same thing as always flip the fraction after the division sign, and change it to multiplication when dividing fractions -sophmore in high school-

How do you divide one fraction?

divide the denominator by the numerator

How do I divide one and three quarters by one third?

when u have to divide a fraction by fraction, you must turn the left fraction upside down and change the division to multiplication. so in this case, 1and 3/4 is equal to 7/4. 7/4 divided by 1/3= 7/4 times 3/1 =21/4 =answer:)

How can you dividean answer to get a percent?

To get a percentage, divide one number by another to first get your answer in a fraction. Then, just multiply this by 100 to get your percentage.

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