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Estimation enables you to obtain a rough answer using only mental maths. An approximate answer can sometimes be sufficient.

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Q: How could estimation be helpful?
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What is the estimation of 589714?

That depends how precise the estimation needs to be. It could be 600000, but it could be 589714.

How can estimating be helpful before finding the actual product in mulpliying?

Early estimation can help give an indication of the answer.

How is estimation helpful when finding a product mentally?

Sensible estimates can change the numbers to ones which you can work with more easily mentally.

How could you iimprove the accuracy of quadrant estimation?

Ask a biologist;)

What is the estimation of 0.2057613?

It could be 0.2 to one decimal place.

What is the minimum education is needed for macanical engineer?

in estimation 354,234,585......i had the same question so I HIT THE BOOKS haha.....Hope I was helpful :)))))))))))))))))))))

What is approximate estimation?

If an estimation, or estimate, is a guess, an approximate estimation is a rougher guess.

What is the estimation of 3289?

That depends to what degree you are estimating. It could be 3290, 3300, 3000...

Estimate the average depth of ocean crust that is 60 million years old?

well an estimation of the estimation is that is an estimation and is a very good estimation

Why is earths atmosphere helpful?

The Earth's atmosphere is helpful because without it we could not breathe and therefore could not exist.

How many female horses are they?

there might be too many in the world to have an exact answer, but there could be an estimation.

How do you know when your decimal numbers are placed correctly?

You could try estimation to get an idea of the magnitude of the answer.

How is estimation related to rounding?

Rounding is a form of estimation.

Why use estimation?

Estimation is a quick of working out roughly what the answer is

How could albino squirrel be helpful?

Albino Squirrels can be helpful by protecting their predators

Is human digestion harmful or helpful?

Helpful, without it you could not digest your food.

An estimation method in which a group of close numbers are rounded to the same number?

Yes, you could have that situation.

What is the term used to describe an approximate of a number based on reasonable assumptions?

It could be called estimation.

What is front end estimation?

Front end estimation- An estimation method in which the front digits are added or subtracted

How could you use estimation to check3.99 and 0.84?

Estimate 3.99 as 4. The answer will be one less than 4 + 0.84

Would it be helpful if humans could could live on other planets and why?

it would not be helpful because there is no air so you cant breathe

What does approximatley mean?

it means estimation about or nearly estimation is my best answer

What is blind channel estimation?

A person who is blind does channel estimation.

When do you use estimation in math?

Use estimation when an approximate answer is acceptable.

Is approximately like estimation?

yes, approximately is a synonym for estimation