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You could try estimation to get an idea of the magnitude of the answer.

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Q: How do you know when your decimal numbers are placed correctly?
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How does estimating the answer help you to know that you placed the decimal point in the sum correctly?

It doesn't really. If you are a competent user of arithmetic operations on decimal numbers then this will only mean additional calculations simply to confirm something which you would have done correctly anyway. And if you are not competent, then who is to say that your estimation is more likely to be correct?

Is 18 a terminating decimal numbers?

i dont know

How can you know if the nuva ring is placed correctly?

you know if it's placed correctly if you cannot feel it. if you feel it at all then you didn't push it up far enough. i used a tampon applicator to insert the nuva ring. so it goes up farther.

Which decimal is greater 0.57 or 0.559 and how do you know?

The decimal that's greater is .57 because it has the least amount of numbers.

How do you know where to put the decimal when multiplying decimals?

If two decimal numbers have x and y digits after the decimal point respectively, then their product has (x + y) digits after the decimal point.

What is Between 4.31 and 4.34?

There are infinite numbers between those two numbers... But if you wanna know numbers that only have two decimal places, then they are 4.32 and 4.33

Explain how you know the number of decimal places that should be in the product when you multiply two decimal numbers together?

"You have to count the spaces to the right to know how many spaces you have to put."

How can i know the number of decimal places that should be in the product when you multiply two decimals numbers together?

If two numbers, P and Q, have x and y digits after the decimal point respectively, then P*Q has (x+y) digits after the decimal point.

What set of numbers does 1.5 belongs?

Decimal numbers

How do you multiply a 6 digit numbers by a decimal?

i really dont know. figure it out or ask a math geek

If you know please list any five realize situation where decimal is involved?

Decimal is mainly used in trade or to buy things . Even the gas pump shows two set of decimal numbers . Decimal numbers are commonly used in areas like finance , medicine and construction when measuring units like currency , mass and distance .

How you know the number of decimal places that should be in the product when you multiply two decimal number together?

If the two numbers have x and y decimal places respectively, then the raw product (before deleting and trailing 0s) has (x + y) digits after the decimal point.

What number comes after -0.9?

Since there are an infinite number of decimal numbers, it is impossble to know what the next number in the sequence will be. Rounded to a single decimal place, -0.9 + 0.1 = 0.8.

How do you know if a decimal is rational or irrational.?

rational decimals can be converted to a fraction example 0.2 irrational numbers cant be converted to a decimal like pi and √2

Why is it important to know how to rock a card correctly?

Why is it important to know how to rock a card correctly

What is a group of numbers that most people know?

The decimal, binary, hexadecimal, and roman numeral systems are fairly well known.

How do you write 1.89 as a percent?

writing percents always depends on what you are taking the percent of. If you are trying to find the percent of 1.97 out of 100 then it is 1.97% If you have any two numbers and you want to know the percent, you divide the numbers and the answer will give you a decimal. You then take that decimal and move the decimal place over to spots to the right and that is your percent.

How can I know if a binary number is divisible by another binary number?

The same as in decimal. You divide one number by the other, and if you get a whole number as a result (or if you get no remainder, depending on how you do the division), it is divisible. Note that you might also convert both numbers to decimal, and do the division in decimal.

Upto how many decimal numbers roman numerals are available?

The Romans did not use decimals as we know them today but they did use fractions to a limited extent.

What is a least common decimal?

I do not know of 'least common decimal', but i do know of 'least common denominator'

If you make less than 35000 a year how much income tax do you pay?

You will not know these numbers until you complete your federal 1040 income tax return correctly and correctly until you get to the last line where it says amount of tax you owe.

How do you know when a decimal is bigger than the other decimal?

When the number is greater

What includes natural numbers and zero?

Whole Numbers are only natural and zeroIntegers are positive, negative numbers and zeroRational Numbers include all Integers, along with any terminating, or repeating decimal numbers. (All fractions are rational numbers)Irrational Numbers include all non-repeating, continuous decimal numbers (Pi is a good example of an irrational number)Real Numbers include all of the aboveImaginary Numbers include any number that is not real. (iis the only example of an Imaginary Number that I know of)I know I went into MUCH more detail than asked for, but I figured why not.

What does benchmark mean in mathematics?

A benchmark is number, a few numbers of a list of numbers used to estimate something. For example, you want to know what 29 divided by 6 is. You know that 6 x 5 = 30, so 29 divided by 6 is a little less than 5 and will go out to a decimal number. Benchmarks can be one number or multiple numbers.

What is the difference between a terminating decimal and a repeating decimal?

i really dont know