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Q: How determine the maximum width of the eastern twin butte?
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How do you determine the width with only having the length?

I don't think it's possible considering that since there are infinatite numbers, there is no maximum length nor width, making it impossible to find the width of something with only the length

How do you determine the maximum and the minimum values possible for the actual width and length of the book cover?

The answers depend on the tool with which you measure the width and length: W and L units. Find the smallest unit you can measure with the tool, e units. Then maximum width = W + e/2 units, minimum width = W - e/2 units, maximum length = L + e/2 units, minimum length = L - e/2 units.

What is the width of Sachin Tendulkar's cricket bat?

the maximum width of Cricket bat is 10.8 cm or 4.25 inches.

How large is lake Ladoga?

Maximum length 219 km Maximum width 138 km [average width is 83 km]

How do you determine the length and width?

measure it

What is the Width of a tractor-trailer?

102 inch maximum width without requiring an oversize permit.

What is the maximum vehicle width for interstates?

102 inches

How do you determine area?

length x width

What is the maximum width for a motor home?

Federal law for width is 102" + 5" for mirrors, handles and the like.

What is the maximum width for a train?

The maximum width of a train depends on multiple factors, such as where the train runs - an underground train is less wide than a regular above-ground train. In Continental Europe, the maximum width is 3.15 metres (10ft 2in). In Britain, it is 2.9 metres (9ft 6 in)

Are total length axial length maximum width basal width maximum thickness midsection thickness proximal shoulder angle notch opening and neck width examples of projectile points?

Yes. They are the ATTRIBUTES of the projectile points.

What is the maximum field width for a text field?

255 characters.