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He dressed kinda weird for his time. He wore a white robe and trousers.

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Q: How did Pythagoras dress in samos?
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Why was Pythagoras reffered to as the Pythagoras of samos?

Pythagoras was called "Pythagoras of Samos" because he was born in Samos.

Was Pythagoras of Samos from turkey?


Where did Pythagoras from?

i think you meant where was Pythagoras from. he was from samos, an island in greek

Was Pythagoras was born on a Greek island?

Pythagoras was born in Samos.

Where was Pythagoras born in ancient Greece?

Pythagoras was born in Samos.

Who were the greatest mathematicians?

pythagoras of samos

What island was Pythagoras born on?


Where was Pythagoras' hometown?


What was Pythagoras' first name?

He was simply known as Pythagoras of Samos.

Which island did Pythagoras live?

Pythagoras lived in Greece and the island he lived on was samos

Where did Pythagoras and his family live?

Pythagoras lived in Greece and the island he lived on was samos

Where was Pythagoras born?

Samos, Ionia, Greece.

What is Pythagoras of samos facts?

Nothing he was murdered

Is Pythagoras Greek?

yes, he is from Samos, Greece

What was pythagoras' name?

His only name in historical record is Pythagoras, he is sometimes called Pythagoras of Samos

What was Pythagoras' birthday?

Pythagoras was born about 570 BC, on the Greek island Samos.

Where has Pythagoras lived?

Pythagoras grew up in Samos (A small island in eastern Aegean.)

Who was Pythagoras' mother?

Pythagoras' mother was Pythais. She was a native to the Greek island Samos

Who said a2 b2 c2?

Pythagoras of Samos

What was The birth place of Pythagoras?

Samos Island, Ionia.

In which country was the mathematician Pythagoras born?

the Island of Samos

Who was Pythagoras and when did he live?

He lived in Samos when being a child

What school did Pythagoras found in samos?

Democratic school.

What is the name of the island that Pythagoras was born and lived on?


Where did Pythagoras born and dead?

he was born in islands of samos