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A square number is the product of a number multiplied by itself.

It is square because both numbers are equal, just like the sides of a square.

Example: 3x3=9 the square root of 9 is 3.

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Q: How did the name square number get its name?
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What is the mathematical name for a number whose square root is a prime number?

a prime square

What is the name of a number with three factors?

Any square of a prime number.

How did square numbers get the name?

If you take an integer and multiply it by itself you get a square number. If n is a square number, then you can take n counters and arrange them in a square pattern.

What is the square of a natural number?

The square of a number is the result obtained by multiplying the number by itself. The operation is known as squaring the number. The name comes from the fact that the area of a square is the square of one its sides. An expression such as x2 is usually read as x-square,

What is the other name of square root?

A number to the one half power is the square root.

What is the name of the value obtained by multiplying a number by itself?

the square

Why are square roots call squared roots '?

A square root is the number that is squared to obtain a square number so it can therefore be considered a root of that square number (or basis for that square number). It can also be noted that each square number, when displayed using dots will always form a perfect square perhaps giving it it's name e.g. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . etc...

What is another name for an odd number of factors?

Square numbers have an odd number of factors.

What is the name of a square root of a negative number?

I'm not quite sure, but when the number inside the radical (square root sign) is negative, there is a no real-number solution.

Is the number 40 a square number?

It is a square number but not a perfect square number.

What is a even number but not a square number?

6 is a even number but not a square number. Any number that does not have a whole number as its square root is not a square number.

Is 128 a square number?

128 is a square number 128 is a square number

Is 32 a square number?

No. A square number is a number that is a square of an integer.

What is it called when a number has a whole number square root?

Then the number is called a "perfect square".Then the number is called a "perfect square".Then the number is called a "perfect square".Then the number is called a "perfect square".

What is the highest square number?

There is no highest square number. If there was such a number then that number squared would be a higher square number!

What is the sum of the 10th square number and the 14th square number?

sum of 14th square number and 10th square number

Why is there a number in square brackets next to your name in WikiAnswers?

The number in square Brackets (e.g [1000]) signifies the number of trust points you have. For example, User [1000] has 1000 trust points

What is square root of a number?

The square root is the number which is times by itself, to get the square number.

How do you figure out a number is a square number?

If the square root is an integer, it's a square number.

Is 120 is a square number?

No it is not a square number but it is very close to the square number 121.

What number is an even square number?

Any even number you square will give you a even square number =)

A number that is square of a whole number?

A perfect square is a rational number equal to the square of a whole number.

Is 29 a square number?

It is NOT a square number.

Is 1998 a square number?

no its not a square number................

Is 759 a square number?

No, it is not a square number.