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Assuming that both the floor and the upper rim are exactly the same size and the walls surrounding the tub are straight in a vertical direction, the tub is a cylinder. Here is the equation:

h * r^2 * pi

Where h is the height of the tub, r^2 is the radius (half of the tub's diameter) squared, and pi is, of course, approximately 3.14

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Q: How do I calculate the volume of a circular tub?
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How do you calculate the volume of water in a tub?

Results obtained by multiplying the length and width and height of the internal volume of the bath tub bath tub.

How do you calculate volume of a circular cylinder?

Volume of a cylinder = (pi) x (Radius)2 x (Length)

How do you calculate the volume of concrete in a circular slab?

V of a circular slab = thickness of the slab multiplied by (pi multiplied by the radius2)

Calculate the volume of a Washer tub that measures 4 feet Deep and 3 feet in diameter?

28.2 cube '

Calculate volume of cylinder?

The volume is pi*r^2*h where r is the radius of the circular] cross section and h is the height (or length).

How do i calculate the volume of a round swimming pool?

A round swimming pool is a right circular cylinder, so you can use the formula pi times the radius squared times the height to calculate the volume.

Where do you measure the curve of a cylinder to find its volume?

A good place to measure is the diameter of the circular end. That gives you the area of the circular end, and the only other number you need in order to calculate the cylinder's volume is its straight length.

How do you find volume of right circular cone?

You calculate 1/3 times the base area s the height. The height should be perpendicular to the base.

When you immerse yourself into a tub of water does it show volume or mass?


How many milliliters of water in a bath tub?

That depends on the volume/size of the tub in question. A "tub" could be a butter tub, a mash tub a bath-tub etc.

How do you calculate the volume of a bath tub if the length is 33 feet the width is 24 feet and the height is 24 feet?

volume equals length times width times height = 33 x 24 x 24

What is the volume of a tub 1meter x 1meter x 2meter wide?

If you multiply the three numbers, you get the volume - assuming the tub has a "block" (rectangular) shape.