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Q: How do You multiply 2-digit numbers using mental math?
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Related questions

What numbers can 8 and 5 go into?

Well, The answer would have to be 40 because 8x5 equals 40. If you can't get the least common multiples using your personal strategy multiply the numbers you are using.

What are the advantages of using powers of ten notation?

Using power-of-notation makes it easy to multiply numbers.

How do you get a product from two numbers?

You multiply the number together - using a calculator if needed.

How do you find the sums using mental computation?

Basically, it means to add the numbers in your head.

What adds up to 2 and multiplies to 2?

There are no two real numbers that add to 2 and multiply together to get 2. Using complex numbers, (1 + i) and (1 - i) add to 2 and multiply together to get 2.

Using 124 and 8 get an answer of 0?

In order to get answer of zero using 124 and 8, you need to multiply the numbers with 0.

How do you Write an expression that can be used to find 4 times 275 using mental math and properties of numbers?


When you multiply and divide using only prime numbers is the result always a prime number?

No, never.

How can you multiply two numbers without using sign?

add the number how many times it says

How do you calculate common multiples using a calculator?

Multiply the numbers together. Double that result. Triple it.

What numbers multiply to get 168 using prime numbers?

168 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 7.

How can you find the product of 4x100 using only mental math?

In your head, multiply 4 times 1, and then add on the two zeros on the end.

What is the difference between mental math to add decimals like using mental math to add whole numbers?

No difference. Both require you to think it out rather than write it out.

How do you solve 2 decimal numbers using multiplacation?

Multiply the numbers, count the total number of decimal places in the problem and place that many in your product.

Can anyone fill in the missing divide plus minus multiply signs between the numbers 9 2 3 7 to get an answer of 10?

no-not using numbers in that order

What three numbers do you multiply together to get 120 using 5 6 3 and 4?


How can you get the answer 24 by only using the numbers 8833 you can use the main signs add subtract multiply and divide?


How do you mutiply a fraction using the volume?

the same way you always multiply fractions. Change mixed numbers into improper fractions, multiply all numerators to get a new numerator, multiply all denominators to get a new denominator, then reduce the fraction.

How does using properties of real numbers make it easier for you to do mental math?

its makes it easier because its been seprated by each properties

What is the instruction set to multiply to positive numbers together using Little Man Computer...I'm going insane trying to figure this out?

you can't multiply on LMC you can only add numbers so you have to add the same number as many times as you need to multiply example 5 times 3 5+5+5

Calvin said that he can find numbers that multiply to 96 by using only prime factors how can he do it?

25 x 3 = 96

What two numbers multiply two 420 and add to 64?


Using four different digits what is the least sum you can get when you add two 2digit numbers?

10 + 23 = 33 Lowest possible real number 97 + 86 = 183 Highest possible real number 02 + 13 = 15 Lowest possible number 97 + 86 = 183 Highest possible number

What is -9x2 simplified by expression?

If you are using the X to mean multiply, then the answer is -18. Otherwise, if this is algebra, and the X is a variable, then numbers against a variable always means to multiply, so it would simplify to -18X.

What 2 numbers add together to equal -9 and multiply to equal 81?

There are no two real numbers that will add to -9 and multiply to 81. Using complex numbers, the two numbers are: (-9/2 + i9/2√3) and (-9/2 - i9/2√3)