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Accountants use decimals by simply dividing the fractions and getting a decimal number. One does not need to be an accountant to use decimals.

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Q: How do accountants use decimals?
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How do accountants use fractions?

Accountants typically convert fractions to decimals. They do this by dividing the fractions and getting a decimal number. Decimals are easier to work with in accounting.

What do accountants need fractions for?

because they don't know how to use decimals

What kind of math do accountants use for example using decimals?

Fractions and Percents.

When do skydivers use decimals?

In math class, or work like engineers accountants and other such task es.

How much do accountants use iT?

To what extent do accountants use I.T

What are some jobs that use repeating decimals?

Math teacher, mathematition. It all depends really. Accountants, secretaries, Lawyers sometimes. It's all very diverse.

What jobs use decimals?

scientists, artists, librarians, accountants, business advisors, managers, retail, building, medical, teaching, mechanic, pilot, farming, design

What jobs use fractions decimals percents?

Nearly every job. all business jobs. accountants, business advisors, managers, retail, building, medical, teaching, mechanic, pilot, farming, design...

How do we use decimals in the pressure of gravity?

gravity use decimals by

Why do accountants use speadsheets?

Accountants deal with numbers in all sorts of calculations. Spreadsheets are used for working with numbers and calculations. So naturally accountants can make a lot of use of them. Excel also provides some special functions and facilities that are particularly useful to accountants. So accountants are one of the professionals that make most use of spreadsheets.

Why do sky divers use decimals?

In a tenths situation is when sky divers use decimals.

How do carpenters use decimals?

Carpenters use decimals when they are measuring lengths that are not whole centimeters. They multiply decimals when calculating the area of surfaces.

When do accountants use statistics?

Accountants use statistics for examining financial records. They also use this to assess the financial operations and help ensure that organization run resourcefully.

Do accountants use maths?


Why do you use decimals?

decimals are most commonly seen in money.

How you use decimals in your daily lives?

money uses decimals

Why do accountants use computers?

I Think that accountants use computers so that they can save files and adresses and numbers on there and thats just where they keep there data base

When do you use decimals in life?

You can use decimals in money.

Does gasoline use decimals to the thousandth place?

No. Gasoline is inanimate and does not use decimals. Full Stop.

What things use decimals?

fractions are just decimals in a different form.A cereal box has decimals on its network

How do you use decimals in daily life?

Well, decimals can be used for voting.

How do accountants use calculus?

very badly

How do accountants use variables?

They use them to solve an equation they don't know.Accountants use variables to give a visualization to their customers as to how they are doing the accounting

Why do you use percents?

Percents are basically decimals, and we use decimals as numbers with extra, tiny proportions. Percents are just ways to make those decimals into a whole, more friendlier number. But, percents can also be made with decimals as well.

How do accountants use databases?

accounting use database to organize data and

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